Fires in the North

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Fires in the North
Section Ascalon Quests
Campaign Prophecies

(Tyrian only)

Given by Duke Barradin
in Piken Square
Type Secondary quest
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Kill the Flame Keepers in the Diessa Lowlands.

Quest information[edit]



  • Find the Charr fires along the southern edge of the Diessa Lowlands. Kill the Flame Keepers and extinguish the flames.
  • Return to Duke Barradin for your reward.



Exit Nolani Academy into Diessa Lowlands and head north east around the stairs and across the bridge. When fighting the first mob of Gargoyles, be sure to target and kill Resurrect Gargoyles first. If you aggro the Storm Riders under the bridge, just move across it and ignore them. Once across the bridge, take the east fork in the path and then head north and east around the edge of the valley carefully so as not to aggro the very large mob of Charr below. Move through the ruins with the fountain and continue east up the stairs and then down into the next valley toward the quest marker. Kill the three Flame Keepers to complete the quest.

Alternatively, exit Grendich Courthouse and head west down the path until you can turn south to go over the hill. Follow the path of Charr until you reach the Flame Keepers. Make sure not to head east immediately exiting Grendich Courthouse; it leads to a bridge that veers away and around the Flame Keepers' location.





Initial dialogue[edit]

Duke Barradin
"Those damn Charr and their fires. My men have seen another effigy in the Diessa Lowlands. The beasts grow stronger the more of those altars they have up. So we're going to take them all down. I need a volunteer to head to the northwest and kill the Charr who tend the flames."
Yes Accept: "I'll destroy that effigy."
No Decline: "The Charr will have to wait. I have other obligations."
Ask Ask: "The Charr flames in the Diessa Lowlands still burn. The longer they go unchecked, the stronger the beasts grow."

Reward dialogue[edit]

Duke Barradin
Good job! Every Charr altar we extinguish makes a difference. Once again, the army cowers behind the safety of the Wall while we score more victories for Ascalon. We're going to win this war, even if the Vanguard have to do it on their own.


  • When also working towards completing The Duke's Daughter, the objective for that quest can sometimes be found adjacent to the location of the Flame Keepers.
Bug Bug.Once the quest is completed, the compass marker will point towards Captain Arne in Ascalon City, instead of Duke Barradin in Piken Square.