Guild:Defenders Of Existence (historical)

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Defenders Of Existence [XIST]

Defenders Of Existence [XIST]
Guild Defenders of Existence cape.jpg
Territory America
Faction Kurzick
Type PvE
No. of members 44
Guild Hall Isle of Meditation



  • Kagome Inutaisho


  • Cannibal Girl
  • Hanabi Rose
  • Kaoru Surfak
  • Lex Matzerath
  • Mave Silvershade
  • Molly Browning
  • Rakou Novara

Blade And Rose Alliance
Leader Blade And Rose
Members The Following Of XantharAroaran Flare • 디aN 0F 1337 고r0s • Helping Hand Of AscalonThe District NudistsDefenders Of ExistenceThe Knights Of Darkstar