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The District Nudists [NUDE]
Guild The District Nudists cape.jpg


The District Nudists [NUDE] are a close-knit group of friends getting together for fun and relaxed play. All forms of gameplay are required to be able to interact with us effectively. We enjoy PvP, PvE, and even some farming. Yet we do this without the pressures. We stress fun, input, and participation.

Contact information

NUDE does not currently have a dedicated website, but they can be found on Guild Launch:

Guild Leader:
Torgas Prim

Guild Officers:
Torgas Prim, Talon of Thorns, Galadriel Diamante, Blame The Monk, Thy Left Elbow, Mac Taco, Telorian Shoran, Stumpwater Jack

Blade And Rose Alliance
Leader Blade And Rose
Members The Following Of XantharAroaran Flare • 디aN 0F 1337 고r0s • Helping Hand Of AscalonThe District NudistsDefenders Of ExistenceThe Knights Of Darkstar