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Fantasies Of Fire And Ice [FFAI][edit]

Fantasies Of Fire And Ice [FFAI]
Guild Fantasies Of Fire And Ice cape.jpg
Territory U.S.A
Language English
Leader Gregor Maclak
Faction Kurzick
Type PvX
No. of members 3
Guild Hall Isle Of The Dead
Webpage Coming Soon

The guild was started by Gregor Maclak our fearless leader. The first member of the guild was Shadoew Phoenix. Gregor discovered her in Lions Arch as a formidable ally. However Shadoew was already in a guild thus permiting a problem. Gregor had to prove his worth as an ally in order to allow the first member of his guild to join. Gregor and Shadoew then set out to make there guild bigger and better. Gregor never told anyone about the hard work, that was involved in securing his first guild member (or any other) but he will never forget the happiness in his heart.

General Information
We are curently a smaller guild but we are growing. We have a Kurzick alliance. We have a very strict policy of appropraite behavior of our guild members. Inappropraite behavior or any type of harassment and you shall be immediatly banned from the guild. We are a nice and loyal guild with active members, and our guild hall is on the Isle of the Dead. We accept members of any level there is nothing you need to do to join just ask. Also we are looking for some guilds to join our alliance.

Services Added
Platinum.pngXunlai Agent Yes
Identification Kit.pngMerchant Yes
Guildwiki-icon-small.pngWeaponsmith Yes
Furious Pumpkin Crown.pngFestival Hat Keeper Yes
Green Dye.png Dye Trader No
Wood Plank.png Crafting Material Trader No
Jadeite Shard.png Rare Material Trader No
Rune Vigor Sup.png Rune Trader Yes
Passage Scroll.png Scroll Trader No
Trade Winds.jpg Skill Trainer Yes
Flame of Balthazar.png Priest of Balthazar Yes


You must be an active guild wars player (you must play at least once every three weeks). You need to have a positive attitude,we allow jokes and stuff [with the exceptions of sexuality and profanity] so just try and be nice. You must be able to work with a team. You must be nice and helpful :) Everyone is Welcome :o)

Contact information[edit]

If you are interested in our guild or if you would like more information whisper one of the in game people below:
Gregor Maclak (a.k.a. Suzanne Maclak)
Shade Miranda [Recruiter]
Kenshimoru Kakou


Guild Fantasies Of Fire And Ice logo.jpg

Diffrent Shade of Black Alliance
Leader Diffrent Shade of Black
Members Fantasies Of Fire And Ice