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Knights Of Echovald The Sequel [KoE]

Knights Of Echovald The Sequel [KoE]
Guild Knights Of Echovald The Sequel cape.jpg
Territory America
Language English
Faction Kurzick
Type Relaxed, PvX
No. of members 88
Guild Hall Wizard's Isle
Forums [1]
Time zone American time zones
Spider2 cape emblem.png
About Us

We are the Squeal to the "Knights of Echovald" Guild. Together allied with the Kurzicks. Most of us enjoy taking part in Jade Quarry and doing random PvE such as vanquishing and missions. Our Leader Doom Box of Guild Wars Guides fame and some of our members have played over nine thousand hours and are very leet and willing to help out when they can. Although what you just read may be somewhat useful, it is not what our guild is truly about. Our main goal here at Knights of Echovald the Sequel is to help create a relaxed and lulzy environment for those who enjoy pwning the game. Our relationship with our members is very serious business. In order to help meet this goal, we stress the importance of creating lulz.

Everlasting Crate of Fireworks.png
Alliance Events and Activities
  • We like to do group dungeons to help strengthen our relationship with our members.
  • We also like to make videos and guides for Youtube.
  • Lastly we like to aparticipate with random events like Fashion shows or hide an go seek inour guild halls.

Note: You'll also want to check alliance chat often, as we may have different activites begining or being planned.

Guild Followers O F Christ exclamation.gif
Rules and Joining

There are a few basic rules in our guild.

  • 1. Please try to keep Alliance Chat spam free. This ain't Spamadan!
  • 2. Please try to stay active for we are always in demand of new members and we kick who ever has been off the longest in order but keep active, and free space.
  • 3. You may ask for help (Please do not spam, only state your need once every ten minutes or so.) with missions, or quests.
  • 4. Try to keep it semi-mature, we aren't too up tight about swearing, etc. But try not to get out of hand.
Main Activities.png
Contact information
Wizard's Isle
Services Added Costs
Xunlai Agent icon.png Xunlai Agent Yes 10Platinum
Dye Trader icon.png Dye Trader Yes 50Platinum
Material Trader icon.png Material Trader Yes 100Platinum
Rare Material Trader icon.png Rare Material Trader Yes 100Platinum
Rune Trader icon.png Rune Trader Yes 25Platinum
Scroll Trader icon.png Scroll Trader Yes 50Platinum
Skill Trainer icon.png Skill Trainer Yes 100Platinum
Priest of Balthazar icon.png Priest of Balthazar Yes 10Platinum
Merchant icon.png Merchant Yes 25Platinum
Weaponsmith icon.png Weaponsmith Yes 10Platinum
Guild Emblemer icon.png Guild Emblemer Yes 10Platinum
Canthan Ambassador icon.png Canthan Ambassador Yes 10Platinum
Festival Hat Keeper icon.png Festival Hat Keeper Yes 10Platinum

Main Guild Leader

  • Doom Box: A famous Guild Wars Video maker, Doom Box has created many guides to various things in Guild Wars. These have attracted many members to KoE making it as big as it is today.

Sequel Leader

  • Mrs Ima Gana Killya: An ex-BRO member who joined when BRO died and a semi-famous Guild Wars Video maker, but this time made famous after various YouTube poops were made off one of his videos.


  • Doom Box Sequel: An alternate account of Doom’s.
  • Usha Akeldama: YARR TONIC!
  • Mysterious Agent: A secret agent marn.
  • Akina Yamito: A Cool Canadian cat noted for enjoying fun dip and poutine.

Knights Of Echovald Alliance
Leader Knights Of Echovald
Members Knights Of Echovald The Sequel • Deaths Heroes • Epic Kindred Spirits • Fighting Out Warriors • Guild Of Strength • Ninjanators Of Doom • Pixels Gone Wild • Strength Through Defiance • 図powertraders図