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Scars Meadows [SMS]

Scars Meadows [SMS]
Guild Scars Meadows cape.jpg
Territory America
Faction Kurzick
Type PvE
No. of members ~55
Guild Hall Burning Isle
VoIP Ventrilo
IRC channel, #SMSAlliance


Some guilds start out of friendship, some out of ambition, but Scars Meadows was born from the leader's desire to have his own cape adorning his character. It would be months before the first member was recruited. Without prior online gaming experience, it was just one player versus the world. The first additional member was found in Random Arenas.

Through the use of Guild Wars Guru, a fansite, the initial members of Scars Meadows began to make connections and friendships. Pickup groups also yielded results. Various chance encounters also lead to numerous invites; however, it was difficult keeping members—the small roster meant that members often played alone. Another problem faced by the rising guild was the issue of time zones, with players scattered across the world. Despite it all, the small guild endured.

During the month of October 2005, SMS started to grow much more rapidly. The guild discovered two farming builds that suited their strengths, and success brought more members into the fold. However, as the guild grew, this influx would soon become a problem. The focus of the guild was on community, developing players, making friends, and enjoying all aspects of the game. Many recruits approached the guild with the aspiration of learning farming methods, which would lead to variety of problems down the road. The original core members left months later, others were removed after there were communication issues, and some left simply feeling that they were unwanted in the ranks.

A new core of players was set, with more solid guidelines to prevent any future incidents. The guild would focus mainly on community, and almost exclusively within the PvE element of Guild Wars. PvP led to some of the communication issues that destroyed the original core of the members; the slow movement into PvP had failed. Scars Meadows has now evolved into a guild that focuses on the PvE element of the game, while ensuring that all members get to know one another and become better acquainted. Ultimately, the officers and leader try to emphasize that at the end of the day it's just a game and that no one should get bent out of shape over it.

In early 2008 SMS suffered from a rift between the drama queens of the guild and the core. Numerous players that composed the heart of SMS broke away to form their own guild, but this one directed towards PvP. It was around this time that the ex-core of SMS had decided that they had enough of Guild Wars, and the vast majority of them stopped playing the game. During this time players who were always in the back drop of SMS guild activity attempted to take the place of those that left. These "replacements" failed to continue the legacy of SMS, and eventually the guild died out.


PvE is the most important aspect of Scars Meadows. Be it mission completion, title development, or just good old fashioned running around and cleaning pesky red dots off the radar. There isn't a high priority on personal wealth, as they believe that accumulating money doesn't contribute to the development of a player's skill. Members who want the pretty armor need to be prepared to work for it. Anyone hoping to do nothing but farm all day wouldn't be enjoying themselves very much among the ranks.

When it comes to missions, the guild fills slots with willing players. If there are any vacancies in the roster, the group turns to henchmen or Heroes. No one is ever forced or pressured into doing a mission; it's a game, and it's supposed to be fun.

Over time, members of Scars Meadows have made numerous accomplishments that provide a sense of self-satisfaction for the whole guild. One of the earliest successes was a mission to complete every quest in the Fissure of Woe (FoW) with a group of three players. The motivation came from the realization that the Underworld had already been conquered in a similar manner by a group of three players—so why not FoW? The process took numerous attempts and tweaking of skills/equipment before every quest was completed, netting an enormous amount of wealth and experience points for the three members.

19 December, 2006 Guild of the Week

Current Exploits

Recently, Scars Meadows as a guild has become very interested in seeing just how fast they can conquer the various locations, quests, and missions of Guild Wars. Here we shall be keeping record of our clear times of some of the most "elite" aspects of Guild Wars PvE. Please note that the times below will change often, and are quite possibly not always going to be our fastest clear time to date (because we are lazy and tend to forget to edit things like our wiki pages).

Elite "Missions"

Master Quests

Area Vanquishes


Not recruiting at the present.

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