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Lists all Common skill history pages.


Junundu skills[edit]

Icon Name Skill history Page
Junundu Siege.jpg Junundu Siege No Junundu Siege/Skill history
Burning Breath.jpg Burning Breath No Burning Breath/Skill history
Junundu Wail.jpg Junundu Wail No Junundu Wail/Skill history
Junundu Strike.jpg Junundu Strike No Junundu Strike/Skill history
Junundu Smash.jpg Junundu Smash No Junundu Smash/Skill history
Junundu Bite.jpg Junundu Bite No Junundu Bite/Skill history
Junundu Tunnel.jpg Junundu Tunnel No Junundu Tunnel/Skill history
Junundu Feast.jpg Junundu Feast No Junundu Feast/Skill history
Choking Breath.jpg Choking Breath No Choking Breath/Skill history
Unknown Junundu Ability.jpg Unknown Junundu Ability No Unknown Junundu Ability/Skill history
Leave Junundu.jpg Leave Junundu No Leave Junundu/Skill history
Blinding Breath.jpg Blinding Breath No Blinding Breath/Skill history

Lightbringer rank skills[edit]

Icon Name Skill history Page
Lightbringer's Gaze.jpg Lightbringer's Gaze No Lightbringer's Gaze/Skill history
Lightbringer.jpg Lightbringer No Lightbringer/Skill history
Lightbringer Signet.jpg Lightbringer Signet No Lightbringer Signet/Skill history

Other skills[edit]

Icon Name Skill history Page
Sunspear Rebirth Signet.jpg Sunspear Rebirth Signet No Sunspear Rebirth Signet/Skill history

Icon Name Skill history Page
Disarm Trap.jpg Disarm Trap No Disarm Trap/Skill history
Vial of Purified Water.jpg Vial of Purified Water No Vial of Purified Water/Skill history

Eye of the North[edit]

Asura rank skills[edit]

Icon Name Skill history Page
Air of Superiority.jpg Air of Superiority Yes Air of Superiority/Skill history
Mental Block.jpg Mental Block Yes Mental Block/Skill history
Mindbender.jpg Mindbender Yes Mindbender/Skill history
Pain Inverter.jpg Pain Inverter Yes Pain Inverter/Skill history
Radiation Field.jpg Radiation Field Yes Radiation Field/Skill history
Summon Ice Imp.jpg Summon Ice Imp Yes Summon Ice Imp/Skill history
Summon Mursaat.jpg Summon Mursaat Yes Summon Mursaat/Skill history
Summon Naga Shaman.jpg Summon Naga Shaman Yes Summon Naga Shaman/Skill history
Summon Ruby Djinn.jpg Summon Ruby Djinn Yes Summon Ruby Djinn/Skill history
Technobabble.jpg Technobabble Yes Technobabble/Skill history
Smooth Criminal.jpg Smooth Criminal No Smooth Criminal/Skill history
Edification.jpg Edification Yes Edification/Skill history
Asuran Scan.jpg Asuran Scan Yes Asuran Scan/Skill history

Deldrimor rank skills[edit]

Icon Name Skill history Page
Brawling Headbutt.jpg Brawling Headbutt No Brawling Headbutt/Skill history
Breath of the Great Dwarf.jpg Breath of the Great Dwarf No Breath of the Great Dwarf/Skill history
Ear Bite.jpg Ear Bite No Ear Bite/Skill history
Great Dwarf Armor.jpg Great Dwarf Armor No Great Dwarf Armor/Skill history
Great Dwarf Weapon.jpg Great Dwarf Weapon No Great Dwarf Weapon/Skill history
Light of Deldrimor.jpg Light of Deldrimor No Light of Deldrimor/Skill history
Dwarven Stability.jpg Dwarven Stability No Dwarven Stability/Skill history
Alkar's Alchemical Acid.jpg Alkar's Alchemical Acid No Alkar's Alchemical Acid/Skill history
Black Powder Mine.jpg Black Powder Mine No Black Powder Mine/Skill history
Low Blow.jpg Low Blow No Low Blow/Skill history
Stout-Hearted.jpg Stout-Hearted No Stout-Hearted/Skill history
Snow Storm.jpg Snow Storm No Snow Storm/Skill history
Drunken Master.jpg Drunken Master No Drunken Master/Skill history
"By Ural's Hammer!".jpg "By Ural's Hammer!" Yes "By Ural's Hammer!"/Skill history
"Don't Trip!".jpg "Don't Trip!" No "Don't Trip!"/Skill history

Ebon Vanguard rank skills[edit]

Icon Name Skill history Page
Ebon Escape.jpg Ebon Escape No Ebon Escape/Skill history
Ebon Vanguard Assassin Support.jpg Ebon Vanguard Assassin Support No Ebon Vanguard Assassin Support/Skill history
Deft Strike.jpg Deft Strike No Deft Strike/Skill history
Ebon Battle Standard of Courage.jpg Ebon Battle Standard of Courage No Ebon Battle Standard of Courage/Skill history
Ebon Battle Standard of Honor.jpg Ebon Battle Standard of Honor No Ebon Battle Standard of Honor/Skill history
Ebon Battle Standard of Wisdom.jpg Ebon Battle Standard of Wisdom No Ebon Battle Standard of Wisdom/Skill history
Winds.jpg Winds No Winds/Skill history
Signet of Infection.jpg Signet of Infection No Signet of Infection/Skill history
Tryptophan Signet.jpg Tryptophan Signet No Tryptophan Signet/Skill history
Sneak Attack.jpg Sneak Attack No Sneak Attack/Skill history
Weakness Trap.jpg Weakness Trap No Weakness Trap/Skill history
Rebel Yell.jpg Rebel Yell No Rebel Yell/Skill history
Ebon Vanguard Sniper Support.jpg Ebon Vanguard Sniper Support No Ebon Vanguard Sniper Support/Skill history

Norn rank skills[edit]

Icon Name Skill history Page
"You Move Like a Dwarf!".jpg "You Move Like a Dwarf!" No "You Move Like a Dwarf!"/Skill history
Feel No Pain.jpg Feel No Pain No Feel No Pain/Skill history
"Dodge This!".jpg "Dodge This!" No "Dodge This!"/Skill history
Club of a Thousand Bears.jpg Club of a Thousand Bears No Club of a Thousand Bears/Skill history
A Touch of Guile.jpg A Touch of Guile No A Touch of Guile/Skill history
Raven Blessing.jpg Raven Blessing No Raven Blessing/Skill history
Volfen Blessing.jpg Volfen Blessing No Volfen Blessing/Skill history
Volfen Bloodlust.jpg Volfen Bloodlust No Volfen Bloodlust/Skill history
Volfen Agility.jpg Volfen Agility No Volfen Agility/Skill history
Totem of Man.jpg Totem of Man No Totem of Man/Skill history
Ursan Rage.jpg Ursan Rage No Ursan Rage/Skill history
Raven Talons.jpg Raven Talons No Raven Talons/Skill history
Raven Swoop.jpg Raven Swoop No Raven Swoop/Skill history
Raven Shriek.jpg Raven Shriek No Raven Shriek/Skill history
Raven Flight.jpg Raven Flight No Raven Flight/Skill history
Ursan Roar.jpg Ursan Roar No Ursan Roar/Skill history
Ursan Force.jpg Ursan Force No Ursan Force/Skill history
Volfen Claw.jpg Volfen Claw No Volfen Claw/Skill history
Volfen Pounce.jpg Volfen Pounce No Volfen Pounce/Skill history
"Finish Him!".jpg "Finish Him!" No "Finish Him!"/Skill history
Heart of the Norn.jpg Heart of the Norn No Heart of the Norn/Skill history
Ursan Strike.jpg Ursan Strike No Ursan Strike/Skill history
Ursan Blessing.jpg Ursan Blessing No Ursan Blessing/Skill history
"You Are All Weaklings!".jpg "You Are All Weaklings!" No "You Are All Weaklings!"/Skill history
"I Am the Strongest!".jpg "I Am the Strongest!" No "I Am the Strongest!"/Skill history
"I Am Unstoppable!".jpg "I Am Unstoppable!" No "I Am Unstoppable!"/Skill history

Devourer rank skills[edit]

Icon Name Skill history Page
Siege Devourer Feast.jpg Siege Devourer Feast No Siege Devourer Feast/Skill history
Siege Devourer Swipe.jpg Siege Devourer Swipe No Siege Devourer Swipe/Skill history
Devourer Bite.jpg Devourer Bite No Devourer Bite/Skill history
Devourer Siege.jpg Devourer Siege No Devourer Siege/Skill history
Dismount Siege Devourer.jpg Dismount Siege Devourer No Dismount Siege Devourer/Skill history
Siege Devourer.jpg Siege Devourer No Siege Devourer/Skill history

Bonus Mission Pack[edit]

Icon Name Skill history Page
Throw Rock.jpg Throw Rock No Throw Rock/Skill history
Feign Death.jpg Feign Death No Feign Death/Skill history
Flee.jpg Flee No Flee/Skill history
Hide.jpg Hide No Hide/Skill history
Call to the Spirit Realm.jpg Call to the Spirit Realm No Call to the Spirit Realm/Skill history
Spike Trap (spell).jpg Spike Trap (spell) No Spike Trap (spell)/Skill history
Siege Strike.jpg Siege Strike No Siege Strike/Skill history
Dragon Empire Rage.jpg Dragon Empire Rage No Dragon Empire Rage/Skill history
Banner of the Unseen.jpg Banner of the Unseen No Banner of the Unseen/Skill history
Giant Stomp (Turai Ossa).jpg Giant Stomp (Turai Ossa) No Giant Stomp (Turai Ossa)/Skill history
Whirlwind Attack (Turai Ossa).jpg Whirlwind Attack (Turai Ossa) No Whirlwind Attack (Turai Ossa)/Skill history
"Form Up and Advance!".jpg "Form Up and Advance!" No "Form Up and Advance!"/Skill history
"For Elona!".jpg "For Elona!" No "For Elona!"/Skill history
Balm Bomb.jpg Balm Bomb No Balm Bomb/Skill history
Barbed Bomb.jpg Barbed Bomb No Barbed Bomb/Skill history
Explosives.jpg Explosives No Explosives/Skill history
Rations.jpg Rations No Rations/Skill history
Stun Bomb.jpg Stun Bomb No Stun Bomb/Skill history
Signet of the Unseen.jpg Signet of the Unseen No Signet of the Unseen/Skill history
Shared Burden (Gwen).jpg Shared Burden (Gwen) No Shared Burden (Gwen)/Skill history
Sum of All Fears (Gwen).jpg Sum of All Fears (Gwen) No Sum of All Fears (Gwen)/Skill history
Distortion (Gwen).jpg Distortion (Gwen) No Distortion (Gwen)/Skill history
Unnatural Signet (Saul D'Alessio).jpg Unnatural Signet (Saul D'Alessio) No Unnatural Signet (Saul D'Alessio)/Skill history
Spectral Agony (Saul D'Alessio).jpg Spectral Agony (Saul D'Alessio) No Spectral Agony (Saul D'Alessio)/Skill history
Castigation Signet (Saul D'Alessio).jpg Castigation Signet (Saul D'Alessio) No Castigation Signet (Saul D'Alessio)/Skill history
Disenchantment (Togo).jpg Disenchantment (Togo) No Disenchantment (Togo)/Skill history
Spirit Siphon (Master Riyo).jpg Spirit Siphon (Master Riyo) No Spirit Siphon (Master Riyo)/Skill history
Shadowsong (Master Riyo).jpg Shadowsong (Master Riyo) No Shadowsong (Master Riyo)/Skill history
Dragon Slash (Turai Ossa).jpg Dragon Slash (Turai Ossa) No Dragon Slash (Turai Ossa)/Skill history
Charm Animal (Charr Demolisher).jpg Charm Animal (Charr Demolisher) No Charm Animal (Charr Demolisher)/Skill history
Spirit Rift (Togo).jpg Spirit Rift (Togo) No Spirit Rift (Togo)/Skill history
Spirit Burn (Togo).jpg Spirit Burn (Togo) No Spirit Burn (Togo)/Skill history
Essence Strike (Togo).jpg Essence Strike (Togo) No Essence Strike (Togo)/Skill history
Mend Body and Soul (Togo).jpg Mend Body and Soul (Togo) No Mend Body and Soul (Togo)/Skill history
Offering of Spirit (Togo).jpg Offering of Spirit (Togo) No Offering of Spirit (Togo)/Skill history
Lit Torch.jpg Lit Torch No Lit Torch/Skill history
Nightmarish Aura.jpg Nightmarish Aura No Nightmarish Aura/Skill history
"For Great Justice!" (Turai Ossa).jpg "For Great Justice!" (Turai Ossa) No "For Great Justice!" (Turai Ossa)/Skill history
Distracting Blow (Turai Ossa).jpg Distracting Blow (Turai Ossa) No Distracting Blow (Turai Ossa)/Skill history
Endure Pain (Turai Ossa).jpg Endure Pain (Turai Ossa) No Endure Pain (Turai Ossa)/Skill history
Healing Signet (Turai Ossa).jpg Healing Signet (Turai Ossa) No Healing Signet (Turai Ossa)/Skill history
Mantra of Inscriptions (Saul D'Alessio).jpg Mantra of Inscriptions (Saul D'Alessio) No Mantra of Inscriptions (Saul D'Alessio)/Skill history
Pain (attack) (Togo).jpg Pain No Pain/Skill history