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Icon Name Skill history Page
Obsidian Flesh.jpg Obsidian Flesh Yes Obsidian Flesh/Skill history
Sandstorm.jpg Sandstorm No Sandstorm/Skill history
Eruption.jpg Eruption Yes Eruption/Skill history
Ward Against Melee.jpg Ward Against Melee Yes Ward Against Melee/Skill history
Glowstone.jpg Glowstone Yes Glowstone/Skill history
Shockwave.jpg Shockwave No Shockwave/Skill history
Churning Earth.jpg Churning Earth Yes Churning Earth/Skill history
Kinetic Armor.jpg Kinetic Armor Yes Kinetic Armor/Skill history
Obsidian Flame.jpg Obsidian Flame Yes Obsidian Flame/Skill history
Ward Against Elements.jpg Ward Against Elements Yes Ward Against Elements/Skill history
Unsteady Ground.jpg Unsteady Ground No Unsteady Ground/Skill history
Stone Sheath.jpg Stone Sheath Yes Stone Sheath/Skill history
Earthquake.jpg Earthquake Yes Earthquake/Skill history
Ash Blast.jpg Ash Blast Yes Ash Blast/Skill history
Grasping Earth.jpg Grasping Earth Yes Grasping Earth/Skill history
Earth Attunement.jpg Earth Attunement Yes Earth Attunement/Skill history
Aftershock.jpg Aftershock Yes Aftershock/Skill history
Crystal Wave.jpg Crystal Wave Yes Crystal Wave/Skill history
Armor of Earth.jpg Armor of Earth Yes Armor of Earth/Skill history
Ward of Stability.jpg Ward of Stability No Ward of Stability/Skill history
Ebon Hawk.jpg Ebon Hawk Yes Ebon Hawk/Skill history
Dragon's Stomp.jpg Dragon's Stomp Yes Dragon's Stomp/Skill history
Stone Daggers.jpg Stone Daggers Yes Stone Daggers/Skill history
Sliver Armor.jpg Sliver Armor No Sliver Armor/Skill history
Stoning.jpg Stoning No Stoning/Skill history
Ward Against Foes.jpg Ward Against Foes Yes Ward Against Foes/Skill history
Teinai's Crystals.jpg Teinai's Crystals Yes Teinai's Crystals/Skill history
Stoneflesh Aura.jpg Stoneflesh Aura No Stoneflesh Aura/Skill history
Iron Mist.jpg Iron Mist Yes Iron Mist/Skill history
Magnetic Aura.jpg Magnetic Aura Yes Magnetic Aura/Skill history
Stone Striker.jpg Stone Striker No Stone Striker/Skill history
Earthen Shackles.jpg Earthen Shackles Yes Earthen Shackles/Skill history
Magnetic Surge.jpg Magnetic Surge Yes Magnetic Surge/Skill history
Ward of Weakness.jpg Ward of Weakness No Ward of Weakness/Skill history
Obsidian Flame (PvP).jpg Obsidian Flame (PvP) Yes Obsidian Flame (PvP)/Skill history