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Ascalon merchant m dirty.jpg
Affiliation Ascalonians
Type Human
Level(s) 1
Campaign Prophecies

Horace is one of many unfortunate people whose minds did not survive the trauma of the Searing.



"I was here. Oh yes. Yes. Yes. I was here. But you probably knew that. You knew that. Yes, you knew that. Why wouldn't you know that? Of course you knew that. why not? I was here when the Charr came. It burned. Yes, yes it did. It burned. Yes, it burned. Can't you see that? Why can't you people just see that? I don't need to talk to you, you know. Why is everyone always talking to me? I want my pudding."
"Are you here to take me back? I don't want to go back. Don't take me back. I'm staying right here."
"Where`s my pudding?"


"ROCKS!! ROCKS!! Hahah!"
"Pudding... All gone the pudding with the yellow."
"Where's my pudding?"
"Here... Yes, here... Good."


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  • According to Gate Guard Wendell and some Ascalon Guards, Horace holds the record for most Charr killed in one day - ten.
  • The "pudding with the yellow" may be a reference to Bill Cosby's "the pudding with the jello."