Into Chahbek Village

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Into Chahbek Village
Section Primary Quests
Campaign Nightfall

(Elonian only)

Given by Kormir
in Island of Shehkah
Preceded by Rally the Recruits (Tutorial)
Followed by Chahbek Village

Quiz the Recruits

Type Primary quest
Into Chahbek Village map.jpg
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Kormir has told you all you need to know about interaction and fighting, so it's time to prove your knowledge. First Spear Jahdugar will prepare you for your first mission.

Quest information[edit]




  • Koss joins your party.


Walk to First Spear Jahdugar and speak with him. Choose to enter. That's it.


Initial dialogue[edit]

We have prepared you recruits for battle, so let's drive these corsairs into the sea. Speak to First Spear Jahdugar when you are ready to enter the village.
Yes Accept: "I am ready."
No Decline: "I have more preparations to make."
Ask 'Ask: "When asked about quest: Speak to First Spear Jahdugar and he will let you into Chahbek Village."

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

First Spear Jahdugar
Thank the gods you've arrived! The corsair vanguard is overwhelming our defenses.
YesLet me know when you are ready.
Let me know when you are ready!
YesWe are ready. (sent to Chahbek Village (cinematics))
NoWe are not ready yet.

Reward dialogue[edit]

First Spear Jahdugar
It is good to meet you, [Character Name]. Kormir has spoken very highly of you and Koss.


  • Resigning after accepting this quest will cause you to move to the outpost even if you haven't talked to First Spear Jahdugar.