Rally the Recruits (Tutorial)

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Rally the Recruits (Tutorial)
Section Primary Quests
Campaign Nightfall

(Elonian only)

Given by Kormir
in Island of Shehkah
Followed by Into Chahbek Village
Type Primary quest
Rally the Recruits Tutorial map.jpg
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Welcome to Elona! This quest is a gentle introduction to Guild Wars Nightfall. Those familar with the game will prefer to take the alternate quest Take the Shortcut (Skip Tutorial).

Quest information[edit]





Accepting the quest unlocks three skills for the character to use. Resurrection Signet Resurrection Signet, and 2 profession skills as follows:

Warrior Healing Signet Healing Signet Power Attack Power Attack
Ranger Power Shot Power Shot Troll Unguent Troll Unguent
Monk Orison of Healing Orison of Healing Bane Signet Bane Signet
Necromancer Deathly Swarm Deathly Swarm Vampiric Gaze Vampiric Gaze
Mesmer Ether Feast Ether Feast Empathy Empathy
Elementalist Aura of Restoration Aura of Restoration Flare Flare
Paragon Leader's Comfort Leader's Comfort Spear of Lightning Spear of Lightning
Dervish Vital Boon Vital Boon Pious Assault Pious Assault


Start the Tutorial by speaking to Kormir. She will explain how to walk and how to interact with other characters. Go to the chest behind you, open it, and pick up the weapon. then go into your Inventory and equip it (either by double-clicking it, or dragging it to your weapon slot). Speak to Kormir once again to continue. She will then explain Quests and how to use the Compass. Follow her toward the gate, where she explains how Loot Drops work.

Now you have to kill 3 Corsair Spies; just attack them and they will die quickly. Afterward, proceed towards the resurrection shrine…where you will die quickly (as Kormir explains Death and the Death Penalty). There you will also learn your first 3 skills and she will explain how to use them.

Proceed to the next two groups of corsairs and kill them. While running, listen as Kormir explains the Aggro Range Circle on your compass. Speak to Kormir again to get your reward. She will explain what Attribute Points and Skill Points are. Speak to her again to get your next primary quest.


Kormir: I need to speak with you, [Character Name]. Left-click on me to initiate conversation.

Initial dialogue[edit]

This route to Chahbek Village is slower, but it it much less perilous. And we can travel to the Sunspear watch post nearby and pick up reinforcements. We'll need to provide some training to the recruits along the way, and I'd like to use you as an example for them. What do you think?
Yes Accept: "As you wish, Spearmarshal."
No Decline: "Let me reconsider."
Ask Ask: "We must be ready for a pitched battle by the time we reach Chahbek Village."

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

Kormir: Gather 'round, recruits. You're going to see combat sooner than we intended, and there are a few techniques you need to learn. Pay close attention to [Character Name], who will demonstrate these moves for you.
Kormir: First, to look around, hold down the right mouse button while moving the mouse. Try looking behind you [Character Name], so the recruits can see how it's done. Click on me when you're ready to continue.
Kormir: You see that weapons locker over there, [Character Name]? Walk over there and retrieve a weapon.
Kormir: To move around, use the "W,"[sic] "A,"[sic] "S,"[sic] and "D" keys, or click the left mouse button on the spot where you wish to go.
Kormir: Once you are comfortable moving around, go to the weapons locker and open it by left-clicking.
On a weapon dropping
Kormir: Ah! See? There's the weapon from the locker. Go ahead and pick it up. You pick up weapons by left-clicking them. When you pick up an item, it automatically goes into your inventory.
Kormir: Now let's show them how to equip that weapon. Open your Inventory by clicking the Menu button in the lower left corner of the screen, and selecting Inventory. You can also open your Inventory by pressing the "i" key.
Kormir: Once your inventory is open, double-click the weapon to equip it in the appropriate equipment slot. Show them how it's done, [Character Name]!
Sunspear Recruit: Yes, Spearmarshal! (not in chat box)
Sunspear Recruit: Yes, Spearmarshal! (not in chat box)
Sunspear Recruit: Yes, Spearmarshal! (not in chat box)
On equipping a weapon
Kormir: Very good, [Character Name]! The rest of you recruits, pay attention. This information can save your lives!
On interacting with Kormir
Kormir: During your duties as a Sunspear, you may see people with explamation points over their head. This means they have important information to tell you, and may even offer you a quest.
Kormir: Information about any quest you have accepted will appear in your Quest Log. To view your Quest Log, click on the Menu button and select Quest Log. You can also view it by pressing the "L" key.
Kormir: The Quest Log contains information about quests you have accepted but not yet completed. This information includes sepecific steps for completing the quest as well as a summary of the quest objectives.
Kormir: Do you see the green starburst on your Compass? That shows the location of the next step for the quest you currently have selected.
Koss: You should tell them what happens if their quest goal isn't shown on the Compass.
Kormir: I was getting to that, Koss. Please don't speak out of turn. As I was about to say, recruits, if the next step is far away a green arrow on the edge of the Compass will point you in the general direction of your goal.
Kormir: Now that you know the basics we had best get moving. Prepare yourself for battle, recruits. Remember your training, stay calm, and stay close to [Character Name] and Koss if you want to survive.
At the first gate
Kormir: Sunspears, advance! [Character Name], lead the way!
Nearing the first Corsair Spy
Kormir: A corsair here already? [Character Name], you handle this one. Show us how it's done! Simply left-click the enemy to begin your attack.
Koss: Why does [Character Name] get to have all the fun?
Upon defeating the first Corsair
Kormir: When defeated, opponents drop whatever they were carrying, be it gold, weapons, or items of a less savory nature. Gold is divided evenly among group members, while other items are randomly assigned to a single group member.
Kormir: That corsair must have been part of an advance force. Let us hope they have not overwhelmed the watch post up ahead. Advance with caution, Sunspears. Remember, you never fight alone!
[Character Name]: Stand with me, recruits, and we'll deafeat these corsairs!
At the watchpost
Koss: The post is deserted! Where have our men gone?
Kormir: We must assume the worst, Koss. I have another lesson to teach you, recruits. [Character Name], recruits, follow me to the resurrection shrine.
At the resurrection shrine
Kormir: Resurrection shrines become active when you move near them. If you die, you will be resurrected at the nearest active shrine. You will know that a shrine is active by the glow emanating from it.
Kormir: Let me demonstrate how it works.
Kormir: These shrines give us a powerful advantage, but do not become overconfident. See the box in the upper left-hand corner of your screen that reads "-15%"? That is called a Death Penalty.
Kormir: Every time you die, your maximum Health and Energy are reduced. The limit for this Death Penalty is -60%, which can be quite harsh in a tough fight.
Sunspear Recruit: There must be some way to overcome this penalty.
Kormir: When you defeat foes in combat, you will reduce your Death Penalty. Also, visiting a town or other place of rest will fully eliminate your Death Penalty.
Sunspear Recruit: I understand.
Koss: You haven't heard the best part yet! Your duties as a Sunspear will often require you to undertake dangerous missions that have no resurrection shrines. In such cases, death will require you to restart the mission from the beginning.
Kormir: Don't let Koss frighten you. It is possible to learn skills that resurrect fallen companions. Let me rid you of your Death Penalty and then we can concentrate on skills to keep you alive in the battle to come.
Kormir: Skills produce a variety of effects, from healing your allies and damaging your foes to allowing to run more quickly. Using skills effectively is often the key to victory.
Kormir: You have all just learned two basic skills from your chosen profession. They should now be equipped in your Skill Bar at the bottom of your screen. To activate a skill, simply left-click it.
[Character Name]: You can also press the "1" through "8" keys to activate the corresponding skill.
Kormir: Indeed you can. You see, Koss,s the recruits do listen...on occasion. Well done, [Character Name]. You bring honor to the Sunspears.
Kormir: Now that you are prepared for combat, let's proceed. We'll make these corsairs regret the day they challenged the might of the Sunspears!
Kormir: Take the lead again, [Character Name]. Sunspears, to victory!
Nearing the second group of corsairs
Kormir: Stop here! Look at your Compass. You are the green dot in the middle. See the white circle around you? Any aggressive enemy who enters this "Danger Zone" will notice you and become hostile.
Kormir: Now, Sunspears, Let's give these corsairs a battle they'll never forget.
Kormir: You may also select an enemy by pressing the "Tab" key to target the nearest foe and then pressing the "Space" key to attack that foe.
Koss: Press forward!
Upon defeating all the corsairs
Kormir: That seems to be the last of them. Before we enter the village, I have a few last things to explain. Come speak to me, [Character Name].

Reward dialogue[edit]

Kormir: You have done a fine job thus far, [Character Name]. I have one last lesson for the recruits before we enter the village.

If some time elapses before talking to Kormir

Kormir: [Character Name], left-click me and we will continue training these recruits.

Upon accepting the reward, Kormir will speak some more.

Kormir: Congratulations, [Character Name]! You have just gained a level! When you achieve a new level, your Health increases and you gain attribute points. [Character Name], let's show the recruits how to spend attribute points.
Kormir: The Skills and Attributes panel lets you spend your attribute points. You can open this panel at any time by using the Menu or by pressing the "K" key.
Kormir: You will learn later how to add skills to your Skill Bar from this panel. For now we'll concentrate on assigning attribute points.
Kormir: Every time you gain a level, you gain attribute points. These are used to improve various attributes of your chosen profession.
Kormir: Your attribute enhance your abilities in numerous ways. Hover your mouse pointer over an attribute to learn what it can do for you.
Kormir: You currently have a rank of zero in all attributes. Click on the up arrow to the right[sic] of any attribute to increase the rank of that attribute by one. The number inside the arrow indicates how many attribute points you must spend to increase the rank of the attribute. Try assigning your attribute points now.
Kormir: You can raise and lower your attributes freely while in a town or an outpost. Thus, you can experiment with different values until you find the combination that works best for you.
Kormir: Some skill descriptions contain green numbers. Raising the attribute related to that skill will increase the green number in the description.
Kormir: You will also gain a skill point whenever you gain a level. You can use skill points to learn additional skills from a skill trainer. You may also obtain skill points by completing important missions and quests.
Kormir: Enough talk for now. [Character Name], go speak with First Spear Jahdugar, and then we will enter the village.


  • Dying during the tutorial explanation of the resurrection shrine does not increase the number of deaths you have taken (see /deaths).
  • Kneeling at the resurrection shrine will summon the Avatar of Dwayna, but she will not talk to you nor offer any blessings.
  • Before talking to Kormir and beginning the tutorial, obtain your weapon from the Weapons Chest and scrape the entire area, which will add 0.5% toward the Elonian Cartographer title (as well as some experience and treasure from killing the Corsairs in the water -- you might have to engage in tactical retreats from the Corsair Healer, who is the same level as you, but who apparently cannot heal). After talking to Kormir and completing the tutorial, you should have a total of 0.8% toward the Elonian Cartographer title.
  • This quest will stay in your Quest Log when leaving the zone (such as when entering the Guild Hall or resigning), but will be automatically removed upon re-entry to the Island of Shehkah instance.