Kaanai Caverns

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Kaanai Caverns
Kaanai Caverns.jpg
Campaign Factions
Region Shing Jea Island
Type Landmark
Kaanai Caverns map.jpg
Path from Seitung Harbor
Kaanai Caverns yeti nest.jpg
A Yeti nest

The Kaanai Caverns is a large system of inter-connected caves in the mountains on the northeastern side of Jaya Bluffs. The shortest path to Haiju Lagoon is through these caverns. Unfortunately, it is used by the Yeti as their lair.

A Statue of Lyssa can also be found in one of the side caves, serving as a Resurrection Shrine.

Getting there[edit]

Travel towards the northeastern from Seitung Harbor (see map).


  • Haiju Lagoon (northeast)
  • Seitung Harbor (south)


Resurrection shrines with a statue




  • If your party cannot defeat the Yeti in the tunnels (you may be too low level), try to get close to the resurrection shrine quickly to activate it. That way, if you die, you will at least be resurrected at a spot much closer to the exit.
  • This landmark shares it's name with Kaanai Canyon, the alliance battle map.
  • Sister Choi Ju, mentioning Sungkaa Caverns, is most likely referring to Kaanai Caverns.

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