Myish, Lady of the Lake

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Myish, Lady of the Lake
Myish, Lady of the Lake.jpg
Affiliation Far Shiverpeaks wildlife
Type Elemental (boss)
Profession Dervish Dervish
Level(s) 28 (30)
Campaign Eye of the North
Myish, Lady of the Lake map.jpg
Location of Myish, Lady of the Lake

Myish dwells within the great frozen lake in Drakkar Lake. She possesses a powerful bond with the elements, forcing magical creatures of ice and water to respond to her every will and command. Few travelers venture to the lake and return to tell the tale after catching a glimpse of her haunting beauty.

Notorious Foe: Myish, Lady of the Lake

Myish, Lady of the Lake is an elemental boss found in Drakkar Lake.



Quests involved in:


Items dropped[edit]


  • She doesn't use her own scythe, but an Asuran Scythe.
  • Myish, Lady Of The Lake is at the center of Drakkar Lake, surrounded by groups of Frozen Elementals and Chilling Wisps with wide patrol paths. Consider dispatching the patrols with careful pulling before confronting the boss.
  • The frozen lake around Myish causes Icy Ground, however she may be lured to a little island to the southwest, therefore negating the environmental effect.


  • According to Arthurian Legend, the Lady of the Lake gives King Arthur the sword Excalibur. Other stories attribute Lancelot du Lac's ("of the Lake") prowess to the Lady of the Lake. She is referred to as Vivien who locked Merlin away with his own spell. She is portrayed as an evil enchantress in some stories causing Merlin a slow death inside a sealed tomb; or as an interesting woman whom Merlin truly loves in Edwin Arlington Robinson's poem Tennyson.