Norn Daggers

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Norn Daggers
Norn Daggers.jpg
Type Daggers
Campaign Eye of the North
Dagger Mastery
Damage type(s) Slashing damage
PvP reward class Fancy
8 Silver Zaishen Coin
Common salvage Iron Ingots
Wood Planks
Inventory icon Norn Daggers.png


The Norn Dagger can be crafted from the Weaponsmith Keti in Gunnar's Hold for 40 Iron Ingot(s), 20 Wood Plank(s), and 5 Platinum.


Slashing Dmg: 7-17 (req. 9 Dagger Mastery)
Inscription: None


Dye affects the entire item. The intricate design will dye to the color specified, while the rest of the dagger will become lighter or darker. The default color can be closely replicated using brown dye.

Norn Daggers dye chart.jpg


  • These can only be crafted if you are rank 4 (Slayer of Giants) in the Norn title track.

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