Quimang's Last Stand

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Quimang's Last Stand
Section Shing Jea Island Quests
Campaign Factions

(Canthan only)

Given by The Emperor's Blade
in Tsumei Village
(Shing Jea Island)
Preceded by The Siege at Tsumei Village
Type Secondary quest
Quimang's Last Stand map.jpg
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Word has gotten back about Quimang's attack on Tsumei Village, and you have once again been volunteered to take care of business on behalf of the Emperor. Captain Quimang has crossed the line, and must be made to pay for his mistake. Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to head to Port Kaimu, and kill Captain Quimang.

Quest information[edit]





You have to find recruits who are guards and go to Captain Quimang. The guards are necessary as Quimang has a lot of Crimson Skull protecting him in all directions.

Best if using Henchmen to start in Ran Musu Gardens, that way your henchmen will be level 10 where as starting in Tsumei Village your Henchmen will be level 6. Start in Ran Musu Gardens, go down through Kinya Province to Panjiang Peninsula to keep henchmen at level 10. Kill Tahkayun Tsi to give your party a morale boost, as he is right outside of the exit from Ran Musu Gardens. Head down towards Port Kaimu where Captain Quimang is, killing the groups on both sides of where the Captain is, but staying away from contact with him. Then head to the farming village (Kaitan Village) just outside Tsumei Village starting from as far south as you can go working north and you'll end up with 9 level 10 guards to help you with the final group and Captain Quimang.






Initial dialogue[edit]

The Emperor's Blade
Master Togo agrees that the attack on Tsumei Village cannot go unanswered. Now that my reinforcements have arrived, I have sent them ahead to the Panjiang Pennisula [sic]. Aid them, and they will help you eliminate Quimang and the pirates within the Crimson Skull Guild Hall. Be warned that Quimang and his remaining men are not only powerful, but desperate. They will fight tooth and nail to the last breath. Only the bravest and strongest of heroes should attempt this task. Will you serve your emperor once more?
Yes Accept: "Quimang must pay!"
No Decline: "They're your reinforcements, you do it."
Ask Ask: "Captain Quimang must pay for his crimes. To arms, <Player Name>!'"

Reward dialogue[edit]

The Emperor's Blade
Master Togo's former student should not have defied the Empire of the Dragon, but at least Togo will know that Quimang was given every opportunity to mend his ways. You have done the empire a great service, and the emperor will not forget it.


  • If one of the partymembers has the quest Togo's Ultimatum, you cannot do this quest as Captain Quimang will not be hostile.
  • There are groups of Crimson Skull all over the area. The best way to collect the help described above is to take on and kill these groups.