Togo's Ultimatum

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Togo's Ultimatum
Section Shing Jea Island Quests
Campaign Factions

(Canthan only)

Given by The Emperor's Blade
in Tsumei Village
(Shing Jea Island)
Preceded by Minister Cho's Estate
Followed by The Siege at Tsumei Village
Type Secondary quest
Togo's Ultimatum map.jpg
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The Emperor is getting tired of all the pirate attacks, and investigation has shown that Captain Quimang, a former student of Master Togo, is the leader of the group of Crimson Skull pirates causing the problems on Shing Jea Island. The Emperor respects Togo enough to grant Captain Quimang one chance to leave the island in peace. He has recruited you, by way of the Emperor's Blade, to deliver this message to the Captain.

Quest information[edit]



  • Deliver Master Togo's ultimatum to Captain Quimang.
  • See The Emperor's Blade for your reward.



  • This quest is relatively easy to complete. Basically, you have to walk to Port Kaimu, where Captain Quimang and his group are hanging out. Upon leaving Tsumei Village, Port Kaimu is to the Southwest (as the crow flies). You can follow the Southwest path, or go across Qi Falls near Ang the Ephemeral, and then turn South.
  • You will probably encounter various groups of Kappa and the occasional hostile group of Crimson Skull along your travel. Once you get closer to the Port, the Crimson Skull pirates present will not be hostile, and will let you deliver the message and leave in peace.


Initial dialogue[edit]

The Emperor's Blade

At the emperor's command, I am here to handle the Crimson Skull problem and remove Captain Quimang from power. Master Togo wishes his former student to have one last chance to leave this island in peace, and the emperor has decided to honor Togo's request. Deliver Togo's ultimatum to Captain Quimang...and if the pirate refuses, I will take action.
Yes Accept: "Togo is right, peace deserves a chance."
No Decline: "Bah! Captain Quimang deserves his fate."
Ask Ask: "I await word on Quimang's reply to Togo's ultimatum...therefore, so does the emperor. Please, do not delay."

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

Captain Quimang

What is this?, that old fool wants me to "leave peacefully" does he? I think not. The Crimson Skull is here to stay, take that back to your Master Togo. And while you are at it, tell the people of Tsumei Village they have two choices: surrender to me and die quickly, or fight me and die in agony.

Reward dialogue[edit]

The Emperor's Blade

I expected as much...Captain Quimang has signed his own death warrant. The emperor thanks you for your efforts.


  • Captain Quimang and his men do not become hostile when given the ultimatum. If you can get to him, this quest is Survivor-safe. The only potential problem is the groups of Crimson Skull you encounter before getting to Port Kaimu, where Captain Quimang is.