Captain Quimang

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Captain Quimang
Canthan noble m blue.jpgCrimson Skull ritualist.jpg
Affiliation Crimson Skull
Type Human
Profession Warrior Warrior
Level(s) 10 (20), 14 (28)
Campaign Factions
Captain Quimang location.jpg
Location in Panjiang Peninsula

Captain Quimang is the leader of the Crimson Skull guild and a former student of Master Togo.



Quests involved in:



"I see Togo is still turning out idealistic fools. I was like you once, head swimming with ideas of nobility and honor. I shall tell you a is all lies. There is no honor, no nobility. Just money."

Items dropped[edit]


  • If you have chat filter on, the first four letters of Quimang's name will be censored in chat, as they form an offensive slang term (see Wiktionary:quim).