Cho Wei's Axe

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Cho Wei's Axe
Cho Wei's Axe.jpg
Type Unique axe
Campaign Factions
Axe Mastery
Damage type(s) Slashing damage
Inventory icon Cho Wei's Axe.png

Cho Wei's Axe is a unique axe dropped by Cho Wei the Skull Axe, a boss who can be found in Panjiang Peninsula. It is also dropped by Captain Quimang during the quest Quimang's Last Stand, and Pah Pei during the quest The Knights Who Say Nian (part of the Canthan New Year).


Slashing Dmg: 6-15 (Requires 5 Axe Mastery)
Damage +10% (while Health is above 50%)
Double adrenaline on hit (Chance: 10%)
Axe Mastery +1 (20% chance while using skills)


Except for the visual appearance, it is possible to create a perfect technical version of this item with:


Unique counterparts[edit]

Razorstone has nearly identical stats as this item; however, it is perfect.


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