Replacement Healers

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Replacement Healers
Section Ascalon Quests
Campaign Prophecies

(Tyrian only)

Given by Priestess Rashenna
in Serenity Temple
Type Secondary quest
(Profession: Monk)
Replacement Healers map.jpg
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A Charr warband has been sighted in the Eastern Frontier and Devona is going out to destroy it, but the Temple is short on Monks to send with her.

Quest information[edit]





Talk to Devona just outside the Temple's exit and she will follow you to the portal into the Eastern Frontier. Once in the Frontier, Devona will take the lead; you will have to follow her to the warband. There will be a few devourer popups along the way. Keep Devona alive and kill the Charr.





Initial dialogue[edit]

Priestess Rashenna
Dwayna's blessing upon you, <character name>. I have a task that needs doing, and due to recent events I find that we are short worthy Monks to accomplish this task. Reports of a Charr warband have filtered in from the Eastern Frontier. Devona is heading out to meet them and requested some healing support from the Temple, but alas, there is nobody here to undertake this task. Even now she waits just outside the Temple for our assistance.
Will you meet with Devona and help her combat the Charr?
Yes Accept: "I will help Devona."
No Decline: "I think she can handle it on her own."
Ask Ask: "Help Devona destroy the Charr warband. You should find her just outside of Serenity Temple."

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

In Pockmark Flats
Devona: Good to see you, <party leader>. I take it Rashenna sent you to help me? It's good to have someone trustworthy at your back; those Charr don't stand a chance. You lead the Way to the Eastern Frontier, I'll handle the rest.
Entering Eastern Frontier
Devona: The last report I got on the Charr said they were over this way. Follow me!
Devona: We have to stay together. This way!
When the Charr warband is found
Devona: There they are! Attack! For Ascalon!
When the Charr warband is defeated
Devona: Well fought, <party leader>! That'll show those beasts not to defile Ascalon with their presence! Return to Rashenna and inform her of our victory. I'll stay here and make sure the area is secure.

Reward dialogue[edit]

Priestess Rashenna
I am pleased to hear of your success, <character name>. We have had very little good news of late. Ascalons like you and Devona are a shining light in the darkness that threatens to engulf us all.


Bug Bug.Devona can become stuck on terrain, requiring re-zoning to continue.
  • While this quest is active, Devona will follow you wherever you go in Pockmark Flats, and can be used as a 4th henchman in the area.
  • Devona can die and you can still finish the quest and claim the reward.