Shining Blade Cloak

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Shining Blade Cloak
Shining Blade Cloak.jpg
Affiliation Not specified
Type Not specified
Level(s) 1
Campaign Prophecies
The Mantle's Guise map.jpg
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The Shining Blade Cloak represents an item left behind by Keiran Thackeray.



Quests given:


"Before you lie the remnants of what appears to be a Shining Blade cloak, discarded and torn. The presence of the solitary cloak provokes questions: Why was its owner alone? Were they running toward something or running away? Whatever transpired here, the scrying pool should be able to reveal it to you."
Yes Accept: "It's time to learn the truth."
No Decline: "I'm suddenly no longer interested."


  • This object appears after seeing the dialogue that follows Shadows in the Jungle. It remains available until completing The Mantle's Guise.
  • The cloak is equally close to Divinity Coast (outpost) and Beetletun, but there are fewer foes if you leave from the western outpost.