Slort Nilbog

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Slort Nilbog
Slort Nilbog.jpg
Affiliation Not specified
Type Heket
Profession Warrior Warrior
Level(s) 5 (23)
Campaign Nightfall
Koss's Elixir.jpg
Location in Arkjok Ward.
Slort Nilbog is a tiny Heket. He spawns and approaches the player party after they drink The Elixir of Strength, and they are to test their new power against him.




  • While this monster has a unique name like bosses, it doesn't have a boss aura and you cannot capture any skills from it.


  • His name is "Goblin Trols" backwards. This might be a reference to Troll 2, a movie which (contrary to its name) has nothing to do with trolls, but rather the goblin-filled town of Nilbog.
  • He wields a Tribal Shield and a Heket Axe.
  • He uses a downsized model of a Stoneaxe Heket.