The Ancient Forest

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The Ancient Forest
Section Echovald Forest Quests
Campaign Factions
Given by Scholar Andrej
in House zu Heltzer
(Echovald Forest)
Followed by The Experimental Weaponsmith
Type Secondary quest

You must kill a warden, a dragon moss, and a stone scale kirin.

Quest information[edit]




A very simple quest seeing as you should have both Maatu Keep and Tanglewood Copse on your World Map, map travel to either of these locations and leave for Pongmei Valley, all three of the creatures specified reside within this explorable area, the Stone Scale Kirin towards the crossroads where you encounter Danika and Master Togo in previous quests, and the Dragon Moss and Wardens patrol close to Tanglewood Copse.


Initial dialogue[edit]

Scholar Andrej
"The ancient forest is a wonder; I could marvel at it for the rest of my days. There is so little that we know about this magnificent place. It's ironic, really.... We Kurzicks spend our entire lives within this forest, and yet most of never leave the confines of our houses and cathedrals. I myself haven't wandered out there for many a year, the wardens have made it far too dangerous for anyone but the bravest adventurers.
As a matter of fact, I'm currently conducting research to determine why the wardens of this forest have become so hostile to us, but I'm in desperate need of some samples. Obviously, I'm unprepared for the harsh conditions of the deep forest, but you all look as if you could handle yourselves. If you're willing, I need you to kill a warden, a dragon moss, and a stone scale kirin."
Yes Accept: "Anything in the name of research."
No Decline: "It's too scary out there."
Ask Ask: "I had hoped your return meant that you had some samples for me. Remember, you must kill a warden, a dragon moss, and a stone scale kirin."

Reward dialogue[edit]

Scholar Andrej
"You have collected all three samples! Marvelous! Now I shall be able to finish my research and, hopefully, learn more about the forest and why its wardens have turned against us."