The Impossible Sea Monster

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The Impossible Sea Monster
Section The Jade Sea Quests
Campaign Factions
Given by Delphinus
in Leviathan Pits
(The Jade Sea)
Preceded by The Zenos Squad
Type Secondary quest
The Impossible Sea Monster map.jpg
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Join Zenos and his new crew to track down and slay the mysterious monster that ate his best friend.

Quest information[edit]




Start from the Leviathan Pits and head north into Gyala Hatchery where Zenos and the crew and waiting just outside. Unfortunately, Zenos can't fulfil any of the crew's requests or requirements before they'll join him, so it's just Zenos and the party going on the monster hunt!

From here, follow your quest pointer to the far north of Gyala Hatchery to find and slay the Impossible Sea Monster.

After slaying the monster, map to Kaineng Center and see Po Fang for your reward.



Humans (Luxon)




Initial dialogue[edit]

"Zenos and the others should have headed out by now. Meet them in Gyala Hatchery. Don't worry, my friend, "Squad Beta" is ready to come to your aid should you miserably fail!"
Ask Ask: "Find Zenos and the rest of the expedition at Gyala Hatchery."

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

Zenos: "Now, I know that <player name> promised you all sorts of things to get you out here. But that wasn't my doing."
Zenos: "I am going to kill that sea monster. You don't get revenge on something by capturing it alive. Po Fang will just have to accept it."
Zenos: "Jin Siyan, you're a really sweet lady. I'm glad you're here. But I don't sign autographs, not since I contracted chronic harpoon wrist."
Zenos: "Nendros, I wish I could tell you. I do. But I just don't know. You might be my son, you might not be. Who can say?"
Zenos: "There's no way this is the last expedition, Enelora. I don't care what <player name> said. It's obvious <character name> can't be trusted with the truth, that much is becoming clear."
Zenos: "Well that was awkward. Sorry you had to be the "bad guy," but the captain has to have the respect and trust of the crew, you know."
Zenos: "I'm going to find the ferocious beast...the mysterious monster...that ate my best friend. I'm going to kill it, I swear. If you're still with me, great, if you're not, you can just stay. As soon as you're ready, let's go!"
Jin Siyan
"We're being led on a suicide mission by a maniac! If this is how adventure stories are really made, I'm staying behind."
"I came a long way for this, and still I don't have my answer. I'm done. I'm not going any further."
"I loved him, once, but now he just drives me mad. Zenos is on his own. And I'm not too fond of you, either, <character name>."
"I wonder if the beast remembers me...if it remembers anything."
After destroying the Jade Sea monster
Zenos: "I wonder if that was the right monster? Could have been. Eh, let's keep looking."
Zenos: "That might have been it. Had similar teeth, but...better continue the hunt."
Zenos: "That was definitely it! No, wait, definitely NOT it. I always get those two mixed up."
Zenos: "It really doesn't matter what we killed, so long as something is dead. That way I get revenge on the Jade Sea as a whole, right? Bestenon would have understood. Now go get that reward from Po Fang. And let him know the Zenos Squad is back in business!"

Reward dialogue[edit]

Po Fang
"You killed it? What part of "capture it alive" was unclear? Now I will have to explain that to the other investors. But it is not a total loss...indeed, it sounds as if you enjoyed quite an adventure! Let us hope that it sells well. If it does, who knows? The Zenos Squad may have more adventures in the future."


  • It does not matter if Zenos dies before you get to the Impossible Sea Monster, since once you kill it the quest will finish anyway and you will be able to get your reward from Po Fang.
  • There is no accept/decline dialogue, since this quest is automatically added to your quest log when you receive the preceding quest reward.
  • If Zenos dies before the initial dialogue finishes, the quest freezes and you have to rezone to continue.
  • There is an intermediate dialogue that most players miss, after you have killed the monster with Zenos still alive. The problem is that, as a low level NPC, Zenos almost always dies before you get even close to the monster. One way around this, literally, is to enter Gyala Hatchery from Rhea's Crater and then kill all the enemies between Zenos and the The Impossible Sea Monster, being careful to not kill the monster itself or getting too close to Zenos so he won't follow you. Once everyone is dead, go get Zenos and bring him to the monster - after killing it, you'll see the last intermediate dialogue.
  • You may also keep Zenos alive by using Heroes/Henchmen and just have them flagged to fight enemies while you stay back with Zenos.