The Misplaced Sword

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The Misplaced Sword
Section Crystal Desert Quests
Campaign Prophecies

(Tyrian only)

Given by Yort the Bronze
in Heroes' Audience
(Crystal Desert)
Preceded by Forgotten Wisdom
Type Secondary quest
The Misplaced Sword map.jpg
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The Misplaced Sword-map2.jpg
Alternative route from Heroes' Audience

Yort the Bronze asks you to help him recover his Ceremonial Family Sword.

Quest information[edit]





The shortest route is to map to Augury Rock and then go north-west from there to enter the ditch. Follow the ditch until you find the Ancient Remains; once you click on the yellow text you will receive the sword. Then just map back for your reward.

An alternative (though slightly longer) route is to start from Heroes' Audience and walk north up the western side of Prophet's Path until you reach the grassy area the river flows through, then walk north-east along the river/grass until you find the Ceremonial Family Sword.

Although the Amnoon Oasis looks to be the closest outpost, if you leave from there, you will have to take a much longer route to be able to enter the ditch.


Initial dialogue[edit]

Yort the Bronze
"Ho there! Yort the Bronze has need of a favor. If you do this favor for Yort the Bronze, he will offer you a boon! Yort has misplaced his ceremonial family sword near an oasis in Prophet's Path. Don't ask how this came to pass, there were many Centaurs and Yort's ghastly demise involved, and he doesn't feel like going into details!
Will you help Yort recover his ceremonial family sword?"
Yes Accept: "<Character name> will do it!"
No Decline: "Yort will have to find someone else."
Ask Ask: "Help Yort the Bronze find his ceremonial family sword in Prophet's Path."

Reward dialogue[edit]

Yort the Bronze
"Yort the Bronze is truly pleased that you've found his ceremonial family sword. Yort's spirit will now rest a little easier knowing that his dishonor has been erased. Yort the Bronze is truly humbled by your valor, <character name>."