Torivos' Rage

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Torivos' Rage
Torivos' Rage.jpg
Type Unique axe
Campaign Core
Axe Mastery
Damage type(s) Slashing damage
Inventory icon Envoy Axe.png
Render of Torivos' Rage

Torivos' Rage is a unique axe obtained from opening a Zaishen Strongbox. It is wielded by Courier Torivos.


Slashing damage: 6-28 (Requires 9 Axe Mastery)
Damage +15% (while Health is above 50%)
Double adrenaline gain (Chance: 10%)
Health +30


This item uses the same skin as the Envoy Axe.


Applying dye causes the entire axe to change in color, with black dye making it nearly invisible. The default color can be replicated using brown.

Envoy Axe dye chart.jpg


It is possible to create an exact technical and visual replica for this item with:

Except for the visual appearance, it is possible to create an exact technical replica for this item with:


Unique counterpart[edit]

Axe of the Hierophant and Mallyx's Reaver have stats identical to this item.