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Agi Nor
Necromancer-icon.png Agi Nor
Came then Desmina, scorned and exiled by her people. And in her misery and wretchedness, did Desmina curse the gods for abandon all who, like her, admired power and ambition.

And asketh she, Where is the god to whom I may give my undying devotion? Where is the God to whom I may beg revenge against those who scorn me?

And rumbled then the earth from far below, and with a terrible groan, split open. Grew then the ground white with frost and ice, and from forth the frozen earth spilled the rotted, skeletal minions of Grenth.

Then did appear the god, and with bony hands outstreched, welcomed the girl into His fold. Saith he, I am your god. Follow where I lead, come whence I call, and the rotted corpses of the dead will be yours to control. And swearing allegiance in life and beyond, did Desmina thence become the god's first follower.

-- Scriptures of Grenth: 48 BE


Agi Nor
Necromancer-icon.png Agi Nor
Aren't you dead yet? I need your body
Corenne Sei Taer
Monk-icon.png Corenne Sei Taer
Heal yourself !!! I just wanna Kill
Moro Din
Ranger-icon.png Moro Din
My beasty, Thog of War does it all
Isha Mael
Assassin-icon.png Isha Mael
If it moves, it dies.
Moghe Dien
Elementalist-icon.png Moghe Dien
Burn Baby, Burn!
Rashima Kerenmosa
Warrior-icon.png Rashima Kerenmosa
Never anger a Norn
Eleria a Balacenia
Mesmer-icon.png Eleria a Balacenia
You are talking to me, why?
So Jhin a Rhyagelle
Dervish-icon.png So Jhin a Rhyagelle
You reap what is in front of you

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