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Animals Betrayal[edit]

My favourate charracter, my mes:)



Animals, what a funny name to call your charracter right? Some people have asked me why I call my charracters Animals, well, it comes from when I first started playing the game. My first charracter wasn't an 'Animals' at all, it was infact called something like Benjius Emilius or something (I can't really remember). It was an elementalist. Now, I've never been that fond of elementalists, my favourate proffession now is mesmer, with close seconds with warrior and necromancer. So, I eventually got bored, and created a ranger. I was stumped for a name, until I thought I should call it something to do with Animals, rangers being close to animals and all I called it Animals Life. The name 'Animals' slowly caught on, with people giving me the nickname 'Ani', so all my other charracters have been Animals since then (I deleted that elementalist...).

According to /age I've been playing for 59 months, so almost 5 years, at a total of 5,019 hours across all charracters. I loved Guild Wars since the moment I got it:). As I have been playing for such a very long time, I can't really remember much of what happened with past guilds and the sort. I mainly find PvE fun because of the Lore etc, but I do a little PvP, frequent AB and now and again I RA.

Guilds and Alliances[edit]

I am Leader of the Guild Order Of The Forgotten Truth [True] (page here [ Guild Page). We've been going for quite some time now:). I wasn't always a guild leader though, I was an officer in GGoD Guild for quite some time before I left and created this guild. The guild has only recently rejoined GGoD Alliance. We don't have many members, due to RL issues with some of our officers/members. So currently we are looking for some more, though we don't like to concentrate only on recruiting, but having fun.


All Level 20

Animals The Mighty Warrior Prophs

Animals Life Ranger Prophs

Animals The Wild Ranger Factions

Animals Light Monk Factions

Animals Curse Necromancer Factions

Animals Shame Necromancer Factions

Animals Betrayal Mesmer Factions

Animals Illusion Mesmer Factions

Animals Creator Elementalist Prophs

Animals Empress Elementalist Nightfall

Animals Night Assassin Factions

Animals Reflex Assassin Factions

Animals Spirit Ritualist Factions

Animals The Brave Dervish Nightfall

Animals Corncutter Dervish Nightfall


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