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Yeah, all about me[edit]

  2. I really,really,really enjoy getting PMs. I get a little to excited.
  3. I enjoy using vent, but not as much as I enjoy getting PMs
  4. I have nothing else to say.


  • Aronthore Thronitth (Main) - Uber Leet Warrior
  • Spirit of Aron - My ritualist who is much more played than my warrior. And he was the lucky character to get chaos gloves. Go Spirit.
  • Heals of Aron - My monk, one set of elite armor, Mask of Mo Zing, that's all he is getting out of me.
  • D J Sunshine - My PvP monk, mostly seen in FA bonding some gates.
  • Nukage of Aron - PvP Elementalist, working my way to getting my R3 Hero (I have 16 fame, it's a start)
  • Glob of Aronplasm - Low Level PvE Elementalist, I'll get around to it.
  • Monk from Ohio - Pre-Searing Character, I have no love for him. He can go die. But I need him for helping guildies in Pre.

Vent Setup[edit]

For My Guildies who need it!

I Stole All of these[edit]

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