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Chaos Beserker
User Chaos Beserker redmoon.jpg
Species Manimal
Affiliation Psychotic party lover
Professions Warrior-icon-small.pngElementalist-icon-small.pngFiery Sword Swinger
Level(s) 16
Part time job Tonic tester

Yay Me[edit]

Ahoy there I be Talkin' like a pirate.......Yarr (i miss my grog)

Enough of that now i have played Guildwars Since April 2006 and i own all of the campaigns. I'm new to wiki so do expect to be hugely impressed. the user name is spelt wrong and i have known that since a week after i started....I'M NOT CHANGING IT (especially not for £6)

I'm no pro at wiki so this is what my page does and always will look like

My Build(s)[edit]

Warrior/Elementalist - Strength 10, Swordsmanship 9, Fire Magic 10, Tactics 8, Norn Rank 4, Dwarf Rank 6 , Fiery Dragon Sword of warding and an Exalted Aegis (unique)

Conjure Flame.jpg
Conjure Flame
"I Am The Strongest!".jpg
"I Am The Strongest!"
Signet of Strength.jpg
Signet of Strength
Ear Bite.jpg
Ear Bite
Auspicious Parry.jpg
Auspicious Parry
Healing Signet.jpg
Healing Signet

This is an all purpose build that i had modified gradually as i played through the game, the energy management is a minor problem but when you hit a minimum of 50dmg (more if Strength of Honor is on me) the defense skill has a great effect on large mobs allowing me to constantly reuse ear bite (or an alternate adrenalin skill) and healing signet is activated straight after the elite. The optional is a PvE skill that fits the task (and uses 10 energy or less)


i have 33 of them in the hall of monuments and im waiting for the day i can sell the mini-pig for a good price.


Silver eagle with a gold (silver+yellow) dye on everything


max damage Fiery Dragon Sword with +4 armor vs physical damage or

an Inscribable Icy Dragon Sword with +5 energy

Exalted Aegis (unique) from factions end-game

Tonics and festive treats[edit]

I have been sucked into the PvP isles in desperate attempt to get a tonic......Creme brulees like me more. half my storage is filled with festive treats and i never use/sell name a treat and i probably have it (including gingerbread and candy cane weapons)


woo i made a userbox (see the clueless one and the moon one)

i finished all campaigns (Shiro killed in 45 seconds in HM)

other stuff i cant remember


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slowly improving the page