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Warrior.png About me +

Well lets see my name is Daz (real name Darren) im 20yrs old and from London, England and a massive fan of Chelsea FC (COME ON THE BLUES!!!!!). Im a normal dude that likes to play football and have a laugh. Also im an officer of True Cinema and a member of Mu Tants. I was a staffer at a GW Fansite Guild Wars@Gameamp until the devs couldnt keep up with running it. Ive been playing GW for over 5 yrs now and own all 3 chapters and Eye of the North.

Warrior.png Guild Wars Goals +

I Know their hard but gotta do something till Guild Wars 2 comes out :D

Warrior.png User Boxes +
Hundred Blades.jpg Hundred Blades is DazUltra's favorite skill.
Warrior-tango-icon-200.png This user is a Warrior by nature.
This user is a member of the Kurzick alliance.
User DazUltra TC Logo.jpg I'm the Proud Officer of True Cinema
User Elder Mulogo.jpg This user is a proud member of
Mu Tants.
User Tribina Baselogo.jpg This user uses GuildBase to organize guild parties .
User Magua England.JPG This user plays in the territory of Europe.
User DazUltra Tribina.jpg Im A Tribina Mutant Groupie!
Warrior.png Fun facts+
  • I have 10 PvE Characters. (one of each proffession)
  • 3 Storage Characters.
  • Played GW Since August 2005.
  • Was a season ticket Holder at Chelsea FC For 5 years.
  • I Work.
  • Play Football most of time with mates.
User DazUltra KDU.jpg