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Warrior.png King Daz Ultra+
  • 3500 hours played over the past 48 months
  • +11,000,000 experience
  • Born 4th August 2005
  • Male Tyrian Warrior
Warrior.png Armory+
  • Elite Dragon Armor
  • Elite Gladiator Armor
  • Elite Luxon Armor
  • Vabbi Armor
  • Primeval Armor
  • Glacial Gloves
  • Crown
  • Highlander Woad
  • Bandana
  • All Special Event Headgear
Warrior.png Compleation+
  • Yes If they have completed that campaign
  • No If they have not completed that campaign yet and where they are up to.
User Lensor TyriaMissionIcon.pngProphecies User Lensor CanthaMissionIcon.pngFactions User Lensor ElonaMissionIcon.pngNightfall User Lensor GWENMissionIcon.pngEye of the North
Warrior King Daz Ultra Yes Yes Yes Yes
Ranger Prince Daz Ultra Yes Yes Yes Yes
Monk Lord Daz Ultra Yes Yes Yes No Northern Allies
Elementalist Queen Daz Ultra Yes Yes Yes No Northern Allies
Mesmer Princess Daz Ultra No Sanctum Cay No No No
Necromancer Lady Daz Ultra Yes No Nahpui Quarter No No
Assassin Master Daz Ultra No D'Alessio Seaboard Yes Yes No Northern Allies
Ritualist Mistress Daz Ultra No D'Alessio Seaboard Yes No No
Paragon Duke Daz Ultra No D'Alessio Seaboard No Nahpui Quarter No Consulate Docks No
Dervish Dutchess Daz Ultra No D'Alessio Seaboard No Vizunah Square No Venta Cemetery No
Warrior.png Mini Pets+

Miniature Fungal Wallow.pngMiniature Hydra.pngMiniature Jade Armor.pngMiniature Jungle Troll.pngMiniature Necrid Horseman.pngMiniature Siege Turtle.pngMiniature Temple Guardian.pngMiniature Whiptail Devourer.pngMiniature Burning Titan.pngMiniature Charr Shaman.pngMiniature Kirin.pngMiniature Prince Rurik.pngMiniature Shiro.png

Miniature Aatxe.pngMiniature Fire Imp.pngMiniature Heket Warrior.pngMiniature Juggernaut.pngMiniature Mandragor Imp.pngMiniature Harpy Ranger.pngMiniature Thorn Wolf.pngMiniature Wind Rider.pngMiniature Elf.pngMiniature Koss.pngMiniature Palawa Joko.pngMiniature Lich.pngMiniature Gwen.png

Miniature Abyssal.pngMiniature Cave Spider.pngMiniature Cloudtouched Simian.pngMiniature Forest Minotaur.pngMiniature Irukandji.pngMiniature Mursaat.pngMiniature Raptor.pngMiniature Roaring Ether.pngMiniature Freezie.pngMiniature Ooze.pngMiniature Nornbear.png

Miniature Abomination.pngMiniature Desert Griffon.pngMiniature Dredge Brute.pngMiniature Krait Neoss.pngMiniature Kveldulf.pngMiniature Quetzal Sly.pngMiniature Terrorweb Dryder.pngMiniature Word of Madness.pngMiniature Flowstone Elemental.pngMiniature Nian.pngMiniature Eye of Janthir.png

Miniature Cobalt Scabara.pngMiniature Fire Drake.pngMiniature Ophil Nahualli.pngMiniature Scourge Manta.pngMiniature Seer.pngMiniature Shard Wolf.pngMiniature Siege Devourer.pngMiniature Summit Giant Herder.pngMiniature Candysmith Marley.pngMiniature Oola.pngMiniature Ventari.pngMiniature King Adelbern.png

Miniature Kuunavang.pngMiniature Varesh.pngBlack Moa Chick.pngMiniature Pig.pngMiniature Celestial Pig.pngMiniature Celestial Rat.pngMiniature Celestial Ox.pngMiniature Celestial Tiger.pngMiniature Celestial Rabbit.pngMiniature Celestial Dragon.pngMiniature Gray Giant.pngMiniature Asura.pngMiniature Ceratadon.pngMiniature Legionnaire.png

Warrior.png Titles+

Currently I'm on "God Walking Amongst Mere Mortals"

My Account Titles