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Guild Wars[edit]

In the first quarter of 2008 I collected the three existing campaigns for a second time. This included the Collector's Edition of Nightfall. Already there are 8 characters on this account, but they are not very far yet. Also they lack the possibility to travel to the Far Shiverpeaks, because I haven't got Eye of the North yet on this account. Warrior Fearless Devora and Mystical Devoraz are the most played characters. Sarjenka Asklepios was an attempt by my wife to try the game and see if she could get into the spirit of the game, but I don't think see will be playing much more (she's not so much into gaming).


Some of the members of the guild The Fraternity of the Disavowed have secondairy accounts and they placed them into this guild, or 'Big Ball In the Sky [mOOn]'. This account has disbanded it's own guild and joined the Fraternity.


You can reach me in-game. Just look for Devoraz Windcatcher.


Coming soon.

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I hope the friends I play Guild Wars with will create a Wiki User page of their own, so I can join them in the list below.

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