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Dragonite Ninja[edit]

The Wandering Soul

Dragonite Ninja, A war torn soul of the Sunspear academy. His once proud village on the Mehtani keys set ablaze by the rampant Corsairs in the region. His Family, slaughtered like cattle while he watched, hidden from view by the shoreside. His troubling past led him to swear revenge and take up arms. Trained by the Elite Dervish warriors of Kormir's Sunspear legion. He soon became top of his class, not by luck but by determination driven by anger and hate.

With his commendation of General under his belt he was ready to take his revenge. Journeying back from the sanctuary to Mehtani keys, he set about hunting down each and every last Corsair he could find. Each one fell to his scythe in swift fashion, their blood staining his pure white robes the colour of fine wine. He revelled in it, for like wine each Corsair's death left a sweet taste in his throat. Soon he had came upon the Smuggling den of the murdering pirates. Little did they know that soon their throats would be opened by the blade of a Sunspear's Scythe.

Sneaking in at night gave him an advantage. Only two guardsmen were waiting and each fell in the same weak manner. Dragonite made his way towards the Captain's Tent, only to be stopped by what appeared to be a ship coming into port. Not only was he going to kill every Corsair here but, he was going to also stop their ships too. However as the ship drew nearer he noticed a figure jump from the railings to the beach, the ship careering into the side of the port, tearing the wooden planks from the small harbour and ultimately smashing into the rocks sinking it to the depths. This caused a stir in the camp and from all around Corsair's leapt from their tents to the shadowy figure on the shore.

Dragonite, noticing that the figure was a trained ranger knew that he was his ally. This proved true as the Ranger too, was fighting the Corsairs. The Captain barged through his tent door wielding his shining silver cutlass, only to find the sharp end of a scythe poking through his sternum. It was a painful death, yet Dragonite knew that he did not kill out of revenge. His intentions at first were of hate and anger, yet when faced with the task of protecting a fellow ally he could not give in to these emotions.

The Captain dead. His Vengeance fulfilled. A new ally gained. Dragonite helped fend off the shoreline attackers and greeted his companion.

That Ranger turned out to be none other than Lamont Blitzer and from this day forth Dragonite traveled with his newly found ally in the hopes that he can put his skills to good use, protecting those that he cares for and those that need his help.

Dragonite was last heard to be in the Northern Shiverpeaks with the other Crimson Scourge members fighting off the Destroyers.

Trying to keep warm in the Northern Shiverpeaks

The Crimson Scourge[edit]

Dragonite Joined the Crimson scourge after seeing that he did not have to kill or fight purely for vengeance. Instead he uses his inherent Dervish mystics and Scythe to cut down evil do-ers wherever they may wander.

Member of the Crimson Scourge [CDG] Guild

Weapons and Armor[edit]

Dragonite Ninja adorns full Norm armour with silver colouring. He also wields the Terror Scythe.

Additional stuff[edit]

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