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Ele of holland
PvX This user plays PvE and PvP.
From Netherlands
Age 13 years old
Server Europe
Played 673 hours in 14 month(s)
Campaign(s) Prophecies
Eye of the North
Guild Passionate Kiss of Balthazar
Alliance Luxon
Favorite Profession Necromancer Necromancer
Favorite Campaign Eye Of The North
Favorite Skill Necromancer Animate Flesh Golem


Mark Is Beest[edit]

Mark Is Beest is the ancient master of the necromanced powers (and cheese). He is the honored leader and beginner of the PWNING party and he PWNS all the necros (and of course the other proffesions) with the builds he has on his heroes and himself equipped, he loves to play as a Minion Master, but also goes blood, BiP, SS, SV and sometimes if it's time to really PWN he just goes as a Ursan. He has pwned the continent of Cantha first, what is also his nation of birth, then he killed Abaddon, the "great" Destroyer and after that he was to lazy to kill the Lich, so he is still terrorizing the nations of Tyria (who cares???).

Ele Of Holland[edit]

Here's the guy who throws with fire, earth, water and of course ....cheese, you thought I was going to say air? WTF how the fuck your going to throw with air? AUCH, my little sister just threw some air right in my face, that hurts u know??? However he PWNS less then Mark Is Beest but he still PWNS all but necros and assasins (sins kick ass u know, but if u play sin u need to push all of those skills and otherwise u die, with casters u just blame the monks and tank... ). He just PWNS others in Pvp, while Mark Is Beest safes the world (except for Tyria), in 2 words: he PWNS.

Monkess X[edit]

I'll try to make one good monk of her.

Lil Assa[edit]

She is a really noobish assasin cuz she was fockin trying to reach DoA and then they nerf SF, so now she is sad...


[KISS] it is one cool guild with 2 alliances


User The Slayer Within dutchflag.jpg This User is Dutch


Guilt This user has spent 673 hours in Guild Wars in 14 months (1.6 h/day).
Necromancer-faded-large.png This user is a Necromancer by nature.
This User is a member of the Luxon alliance.
User Lensor gw2.jpg This user plans to buy Guild Wars 2
User Lensor CanthaMissionIcon.png This user is a Canthan at heart!
Rodgort's Invocation.jpg This user has the ability to scare people with his laugh
GWW-shield.png This user plays all GW campaigns: Core, Prophecies, Factions, Nightfall, Eye of the North, and Beyond.
User Nian Grenth.jpg This user is a bloodsworn servant of Grenth.
Sliver Armor.jpg This Player laughs at people with in-game-Parkinson.
European flag.png This user plays in the
European territory.
Dragon Slash.jpg This user doesn't think dragons with blades act very nice.
Angelic Bond.jpg This user hates people who think they can fly.
User Livia fan2.jpg This user is a member of the Livia's Cleavage Fan Club.
Me>U This user thinks-no, KNOWS he is better than you.
40px This user thinks smurfs rule.
Ebon Hawk.jpg This user also hates stones who think they can fly.
Animate Flesh Golem.jpg Animate Flesh Golem is Ele of Holland's favorite skill.
Rune of DOOM.png This user has a Rune of DOOM and isn't afraid to use it!
Verata's Sacrifice.jpg This user thinks electrocuting a skull is not very usefull...
User Nian Grenth.jpg This user follows but however PWNS Grenth too
User- Force Of The Divine charecter.JPG This user thanks his page for a big part to this Force Of The Divine guy...