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January 28




Sardelac Sanitarium


Friendly Neighbourhood Caffeine Addict


English, Dutch, German, French

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Do I really need to spell this one out?


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Hi, I'm Elv. I've been playing Guild Wars since July 2005, and despite small breaks from the game I've returned to it quite faithfully every single time, usually after a month or two. When I'm online I can usually be found hunting for some title or other, because I'm a fervent believer that there is no such thing as too many Legendary Vanquishers or similar titles on any given account. I'm always happy to help a fellow player out where possible, and never too snobbish to meet new people. :)

Some things you might care to know: I am hopelessly addicted to caffeine. This means that if you're between me and the coffee machine, you want to be moving away. Now. I'm multilingual, although I will mostly stick to English. I might resort to German, French, or Dutch if I have to, though. I've set up a small blog intended to give my $0.02, but in keeping with the tradition of always being too busy, Spoony Bard is a little neglected. I hope to revive the project when I find the time.

In Guild Wars I'm a member of DVD Forums [DVDF], back where I seem to belong. I have been in the Kurzick branch of Service Of Shadows [SOS], having successfully become a Luxon saviour in Sanctum Of Saviours [SOS]. I have previously been a member of Angel Sharks [As] and The Kaizen Order [KaiZ] too; all of these are or were great places to stay. Some are still active, [KaiZ] has gone into retirement until the release of GW2.

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I'm a sucker for gathering titles, and certainly don't mind getting a title more than once... in fact, there are certain titles I just can't get enough of. I have three Guild Wars account to my name, but my focus is (for now, anyway) on my primary account. Below are some of the things I have achieved, or hope to achieve some time in the future.



Et cetera, et cetera... So much to do, so little time! :)