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General Info[edit]

  • Name: Marco
  • Location: Pavia, Italy
  • District: American
  • Age: 19
  • Birthday: 7th of March
  • Gender: Male
  • About Me:
    • Hi every one. I'm Marco, and I've been playing Guild Wars for about 2 years. My favourite profession is the Elementalist: I like its versatility very much. Other than that, I like every caster profession, and I'm trying to get more in touch with Melee ones, especially the Warrior and the Assassin.

Feel free to contact me in game or via my talk page!

User Boxes[edit]

Male.png This user is Male.
European flag.png This user plays in the
European territory.
Elementalist-tango-icon-200.png This user is an Elementalist by nature.
Searing Flames.jpg Searing Flames is Facet's favorite skill.
User Lensor TyriaMissionIcon.png This user plays the 1st Guild Wars campaign: Prophecies.
User Lensor CanthaMissionIcon.png This user plays the 2nd Guild Wars campaign: Factions.
User Lensor ElonaMissionIcon.png This user plays the 3rd Guild Wars campaign: Nightfall.
User Saxxon gwen.jpg This user plays the Eye of the North expansion.
User Lensor gw2.jpg This user plans to buy Guild Wars 2
User Lensor CanthaMissionIcon.png This user is a Canthan at heart!
This User is a member of the Luxon alliance.
User Nian Grenth.jpg This user is a bloodsworn servant of Grenth.
Miniature Thorn Wolf.png The Thorn Wolf is Facet's favorite miniature.
Guild Society Of Souls Logo.png This user is a Member in the Guild Society Of Souls [Argh]!
Lightbringertitle.jpg This user is a title hunter
PvE This user enjoys PvE.