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General Info[edit]

Name: Maranda

  • Location: Oregon, U.S.
  • District: International
  • Age: 20
  • Birthday: 26th of August
  • Gender: Female
  • Nicknames within the Alliance: "E" or "Cake" (I much prefer to be called "E")
  • Forum Page:
  • About Me:
    • My name is Maranda, and I've been playing guild wars for 2 years and plan on playing GW2. My IRL friend wanted more of his real life friends to play and I was interested in free MMORPGs to play, and he introduced me to this game. Offering me a 10 hour trail for Factions. My first character creation was a red headed female Elementalist, though unfortunately after her creation and the trial ending I bought prophecies and recreated the elementalist to what you see now in my character selection. She'd be a month older then she already is if I got Factions instead, but over all I'm happy with the way she looks from prophecies and she will continue to be my main character and hopefully be recreated in the next installment of the guild wars franchise. I'm the type who enjoys playing caster and long ranged "melee". I am not too fond of front line, but every now and then it's nice to get up into the action with an axe or daggers. My top 5 favourite professions would have to be: 1. Elementalist. 2. Ritualist. 3. Mesmer. 4. Warrior. 5. Paragon.
  • Couple weeks after I officially joined the game, my friend gave me my Grawl a week after PAX. My very first miniature, and now dedicated to my HoM. First alliance i remember being in was called [KSC], though that didn't last long as my guild and a couple others made their own called [ace] guild. The good ol'e fun began to get sour, people were leaving and the honeymoon of [ace] alliance slowly depleted to nothing. [Argh], [FaR] and [Cats] created a new alliance to what it is now. The [Argh] Alliance is still new, and slowly adding in more guilds, like ones from the past alliance, and people from other guilds whom left and created their own to join our alliance. Everyone seems to be doing a lot better then they were in the past alliance, which is good. But anyway I digress.

Random Stuff[edit]

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