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About Me[edit]

  • IGN: Auron Kurosaki
  • Servers: North America
  • Gender: Male.png

I'm a student in a University of Waterloo (anyone else?? XD) right now so most of my time is committed to school work. I've been with Guild Wars since its release and have continued to play since then. I've jumped around guild to guild and finally found a nice home in Paladins of Eternal Truth. But ever since Guild Wars stopped adding new content, I've been PvEing more than PvPing.

My GW Auctions store:


  • Max out Luxon Allegiance Title
  • Clear Underworld
  • Get at least r3 Zaishen
  • Get 45/50 in HoM Calculator (Right now at 42)

Account Wide Titles[edit]

  • Sentinel of the Luxons
  • Friend of the Kurzicks
  • Friend of the Zaishen


  • Completed Prophecies Campaign
  • Completed Factions Campaign
  • Completed Nightfall Campaign
  • Completed Eye of the North Campaign
  • Cleared Fissure of Woe
  • Get at least 1 set of Obsidian Armor
  • Fill out Hall of Monuments on one character
  • Clear the Deep
  • Clear Ugroz
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