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User Luna of Spirits Bunny.jpgWelcome to my Extra page!User Luna of Spirits Bunny.jpg[edit]

Here is where I place my old pictures, ones I don't want to use yet, and all of my other user boxes.
Did you know that Luna Ofthe Spirits was created on my birthday?

User Silverleaf pif.png This user believes in Paying it Forward.
Forsaken Insignia.png This user likes to help out ppl in game.
Panic.jpg This user is a little LOT OCD about the layout of her userpage.
Channeling.jpg This user promotes gaming calmness.
Miniature Ooze.png This user thinks Oozes are cute.
User Rycharde -60DP.png This user lives at -60!
Guild Wars logo.png This user's favorite game is Guild Wars.
User Santax Owl.jpg This user is nocturnal.
Birthday Cupcake (skill).jpg This user's birthday is on the 19th of July.
User Vega Underdark mini6.gif This user hates random invites and players that just keep re-inviting after being declined!
Ursan Strike.jpg This user hates when people wake them up early; BEWARE OR THEY SHALL SWAT YOU!
Yes This user LOVES user boxes and can't get enough of em'; SEND THEM DOWN HERE!!!
User Lensor gw2.jpg This user plans to buy Guild Wars 2
Vampirism.jpg This user's mind is in the gutter.
User King Keberos antiperma.jpg This user feels that Perma's are destroying GW's economy and compromising the Warrior's role as tank.
EN-N This user is able to contribute with a native level of english.
zh-3 This user speaks Mandarin Chinese at an advanced level.
User Auron Mudkip.jpg So this user herd u liek Mudkipz.
User Zerpha The Improver uber ugly Err7 Bond replacement.jpg Error 007
From Anet with love.
User Tanetris Yang.png This user thinks Imperial Guardsman Yang is the most out of the way quest-giving NPC in the game.
This User is a member of the Luxon alliance.
AFK This user spends a lot of time in the game away from the keyboard.
Psychic Instability (large).jpg This user twitches when denied the simple pleasures of Guild Wars.
North America 70x40.png This user plays in the
North American territory.
Glob of Ectoplasm.png This user is saving up for Obsidian Armor and has 0 Ectos and 0 Shards.
User Spawnlegacy over 9000.jpg This user's power level is over 9000!!!!
Black Dye.png This user thinks Black Dye is poorly used by most people.
Mandragor Root Cake.png This user is a real sweet tooth and likes to eat lots of sugary things.
Call of Elemental Protection.jpg This user is a cat lover.
Platinum.png This user's had 75Platinum.png as her highest amount of gold.
Heal as One.jpg This user loves animals and critters of all kinds.
User That Sounds Risky Failing Was Rurik.jpg Failing Was Rurik is this user's favorite skill.
Lightbringer's Gaze.jpg You visited my page at 02:22 (UTC), 14 December. That's right, I'm watching you!