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Welcome to my page!User Luna of Spirits Bunny.jpgFollow the bunnies home![edit]

My Guild is Dah Sih Nee [DSN] which is the english phonetics of the Chinese PinYin for (vaguely) "Hit you to death".
I rarely get on Guild Wars anymore, let alone update this. There are currently a lot of inaccuracies on my page and I'm too lazy to fix them. See you in Guild Wars2!
Oh, btw: I measure my years in cups of coffee, not minutes.
Don't just visit, talk!

Project: Create builds for my characters.
Oh, and I like to link my sentences, So hover over stuff. (=^.^=)
One more thing, never change to weapon set four while looking for allies on the map. No is good.

Golden Talons.png This user helps collect Unique daggers with the Golden Talons skin for her brother.
Wurm Bile.jpg This user really doesn't like Frostmaw or her Spawns.
Eternal Savior of the Luxons.jpg This user is a strong supporter of Luxon Club.
Simple Thievery.jpg This user steals userboxes that she thinks are cool.
OMG I'm a gamer chick!
Backpack.png This user is a packrat with never enough storage space!
Characters in order of my use of them: On my to do list:
Raptor.jpg This user thinks Pywatt the Swift is very mean.
User Vanguard UserboxIcon.png This user is a fan of Vanguard's Comics.
Luna Ofthe Spirits - Ritualist that loves Signet of Spirits. Finally 33/33 of Cantha! Moving on to somewhere else.. /sigh Someday get my Rainbow Phoenix.
User xandra fan.jpg This user is a member of the Xandra Fan Club.
Chimeric Prism.jpg This user enjoys prettyful colorz.
Robin Feather Wing - Ranger that finally got through Frostmaw's Burrows once with heroes and henchmen. Get a group to go through Frostmaw's Burrows in Hardmode for better drops.
User Nian Melandru.jpg This user trusts in the guidance of Melandru.
NightfallMissionIcon.png Guild Wars Nightfall logo.pngNightfallMissionIcon.png
Sheena Ofthe Desert - Monk that loves playing her Aspenwood with the best healing spell ever. And this too. Farm Pywatt effectively.
Diversion.jpg This user hates playing against mesmers.
Heal as One.jpg This user believes in the power of Animal Companions.
Thr Yty - Paragon that is really new. She likes to run around
motivating people and striking along side her pet crocodile.
Get though Eotn.
Shatterstone (large).jpg This user is curious as to why people can't accept that water eles don't just slow the aspen runners down. They actually can cap a mine and take gates down too.
Gift of Health.jpg This user grants anyone permission to take her userboxes, if people like that exist.
Mightyena And - Warrior with a Black Wolf named Poochyena, heh. I think.. she needs to complete Prophecies. . . I should check, should.
Warrior Primeval armor f.jpg This user thinks Warrior Primeval armor is the best looking armor in the game, by far!
Migraine.jpg This user loves when people shout "Kill that f*cking mesmer!".
Linda Of Beauty - Dervish who thinks Wounding Strike is lame because it is the only non-avatar elite ever worth using. Misses old Onslaught. Learn to actually make it to Snake Dance... or rather, make it to Dreadnought's Drift
Tahlkora-icon.jpg This user is glad that hero monks have her back.
Fire Bomb.jpg This user has a brother who she thinks is the bomb!
Kitty Lang - Mesmer that is working on her Vabbian Armor.. sort of. Get Vabbian Armor: WTB Trade Contracts!
Necrosis.jpg This user thinks Necrosis is fun to spam like crazy as amesmer.
Sunburst Spear.png This user likes to bring a pet when running with spears and command as a Ranger.
Haily Of Hail - Elementalist that is doing better now. Find something to do.
"Necro Highland" concept art.jpg PS: By 'best armor' I meant not including Vabbian Necro Armor. :)
I♥Random Pages This user likes to link the words on her user page.
Zombie Coffee Fiend - Necro that at least got Survivor level one.
She may not be Legendary, but that's okay with me.
Get Elite Scar Armor because I gotted my Profane =D
User Luna of Spirits Sig2.jpg wrote this page. With inspirations, of course.
Watchful Spirit (large).jpg This user stops in the middle of doing things to listen to the Guild Wars music.
Reaper's Mark (large).jpg Join the Death Eaters...
Weapon of Fury (large).jpg This user is a Jedi.
Vengeful Was Khanhei.jpg I has a new favorite skill.

( \ _ / )
(=^.^=) <-- Bunny!
(''') (''') )*