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Naems R Worthless[edit]

Name: Garrett Evertson

Guild: Sinister Swarm [sin]

Friends: Ryuu (Kole)

Favorite profession: Elementalist Elementalist

General: Im 16, currently in grade 10 looking for a job but its hard in this small little town called "city of the rainbows"(Prince Rupert), thats just a nice way of saying, "it rains like hell here"...i don't see how its called "city of the rainbows" when we don't get any sun after rain to make a damn rainbow lol. Any ways, I have been playing for a little more then 2 years now, my friend (Ryuu aka Kole) bought me NF (Night Fall) and i was like "sweet", when summer rolled around i bought my self factions and continued on with that story, and well the cool guy Kole is when EoTN came out he bought me that and i was a bit agitated tho because...i don't like things boughten for me...and then he goes and buys me proph and I'm like >:O!!!!...soo ima figure out a way to pay him back...sooner or later, well thats how i came to playing all 3 campaigns and the bonus pack....not sure if you care, but....its my page i can put what i want:).

I am also just learning how to work/make a Guild Wiki page, so bear with me :P.

If you have any suggestions for possible additions or modifications for this page, please let me know. Thank you.

Main Character(s)[edit]

I Play These Characters The Most

Assassin.png Dis Dagger Is Fo Me Assassin - Canthan Main PvE.png

Ritualist.png Names R Worthless Ritualist - Canthan Main PvE.png

Elementalist.png Rain From Hell Elementalist - Elonian Main PvE.png

(Other) Characters[edit]

Necromancer.png Xxminion MasterXx Necromancer - Elonian Main PvE.png

Monk.png Erm What Do I Do Monk - Elonian Main PvE.png

Ranger.png Pew Pew Snipe Stuff Ranger - Elonian Main PvE.png

Warrior.png Takeshi Shin Warrior - Prophecies Main PvE.png

PvP.png Many Different Characters - Any Main PvP.png

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