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Being a lazy bum, I equip all my heroes the same for each of my characters, and try to use the same hero for the same roles. I also try to equip them as cheaply as I can, with collectable weapons or easily farmed greens and cheap(ish) runes and insignia wherever possible. I've not really unlocked enough skills to do justice to my Warrior, Assassin, Ritualist or Paragon heroes yet. Currently working on a Hydromancer, an Aeromancer, a conditioning Ranger, a curses Necromancer (surprisingly difficult to get the AI to use Curses efficiently) and a support Necromancer. Can't really think of anything to do with the Dervish heroes, they use skills pretty dimly.

Barrage Ranger[edit]

Margrid the Sly
Ranger / Monk Ranger / Monk
Expertise 12 + 1 + 1
Marksmanship 12 + 1
Protection Prayers 3
Favorable Winds Favorable Winds Barrage Barrage Concussion Shot Concussion Shot Distracting Shot Distracting Shot Disrupting Shot Disrupting Shot Whirling Defense Whirling Defense Antidote Signet Antidote Signet Rebirth Rebirth
Skill Template code: OgMT8mLnZC7YxAz4x4LU4Y1QmAA

Equipped with Chkkr's Flatbow (fairly easy farm), with Stalwart insignia and runes of Vitae/Vigor. Dead simple, seems to get the job done nicely (with Barrage only costing two energy, and the zealous bowsting, running out of energy isn't a problem). Very durable even without Troll Unguent, so I decided to drop it and save the AP. Going secondary Paragon with Remedy Signet and Signet of Return is another option. Antidote Signet feels like a bit of a waste with the Martyr Minion Master (see below), still thinking about that.

Healing Monk[edit]

Monk / Mesmer Monk / Mesmer
Healing Prayers 12 + 1 + 1
Divine Favor 11 + 1
Inspiration Magic 6
Word of Healing Word of Healing Vigorous Spirit Vigorous Spirit Dwayna's Kiss Dwayna's Kiss Orison of Healing Orison of Healing Heal Other Heal Other Power Drain Power Drain Leech Signet Leech Signet Resurrection Chant Resurrection Chant
Skill Template code: OwUTMsGD3Rj4P2IZEPSGoHgGBA

Equipped with The Wingshielder (fairly easy farm), with Survivor and Anchorite insignia and runes of Attunement/Vigor. High health (560HP) and the chest Anchorite insignia help survivability, while still maintaining a reasonable energy pool (49). Still comes under energy pressure, but with a variety of cheap spells you can usually get away with it.

Minion Master[edit]

Necromancer / Monk Necromancer / Monk
Death Magic 12 + 1 + 3
Soul Reaping 12 + 1
Blood Magic 3 + 1
Dark Bond Dark Bond Infuse Condition Infuse Condition Martyr Martyr Blood of the Master Blood of the Master Animate Shambling Horror Animate Shambling Horror Animate Bone Horror Animate Bone Horror Death Nova Death Nova Rebirth Rebirth
Skill Template code: OANDQTxGPKiFhKBPcUnCoBZC

Equipped with a Bone Spiral Rod from Helming Baldbrow and a Grim Cesta from Sir Pohl Sanbert, with Minion Master and Bloodstained insignia and runes of Attunement (no Vigor rune due to the constant health sac from Blood of the Master). Very squishy without minions (405HP, 60AL), nearly indestructible with them (75AL, only takes 25% damage, immune to conditions). Uses Dark Bond and Infuse Condition well, but won't cast them out of a fight - it's a good idea to pre-cast them yourself if you can see trouble coming. Similarly won't cast Blood of the Master quite enough, while happy to go nuts with Death Nova. Bone Horrors are preferred to Bone Fiends due to the lower energy cost and the body blocking Horrors provide (the damage minions do is minimal without clever application of some Curses or Order of Undeath, so I see no point going for more expensive, squishier, non-blocking Fiends). Animate Shambling Horror can be swapped for Animate Vampiric Horror for extra healing if needs be. Martyr and Infuse Condition make for awesome condition management, freeing up skill slots on the monks.

Protection Monk[edit]

Ogden Stonehealer
Monk / Mesmer Monk / Mesmer
Protection Prayers 12 + 1 + 1
Divine Favor 11 + 1
Inspiration Magic 6
Reversal of Fortune Reversal of Fortune Life Sheath Life Sheath Shield of Absorption Shield of Absorption Shielding Hands Shielding Hands Power Drain Power Drain Protective Spirit Protective Spirit Aegis Aegis Resurrect Resurrect
Skill Template code: OwUTMsHD3ZmMGvrrkMQ9IgETAA

Equipped with Kepkhet's Refuge (moderately difficult farm) or Droknar's Staff (GWEN end game green - preferable due to the HP +30 mod. All the Droknar weapons have a dull skin so I don't mind using them for heroes), with Survivor and Anchorite insignia and runes of Attunement/Vigor. Like the Healing Monk build, maintains a pretty good level of both health and energy. Energy management is problematic, but most the skills are only 5 energy anyway. Takes advantage of the way the AI uses Protection as if it were Healing (i.e. in reaction to damage, rather than in advance) by packing a lot of insta-reduction spells. The "of Enchanting" mod on the staff is pretty essential in such an enchantment heavy build, especially for Shield of Absorption and Shielding Hands. Resurrect is a bit naff, Resurrection Signet may be a better choice.

Searing Flames Pyromancer[edit]

Acolyte Sousuke
Elementalist / Monk Elementalist / Monk
Fire Magic 12 + 1 + 2
Energy Storage 12 + 1
Glyph of Elemental Power Glyph of Elemental Power Fire Attunement Fire Attunement Searing Flames Searing Flames Glowing Gaze Glowing Gaze Fireball Fireball Meteor Meteor Breath of Fire Breath of Fire Resurrect Resurrect
Skill Template code: OgNDoMz/MGDcBdbsqL2FGxYC

Equipped with a Fire Wand from Bahlbahs and a Flame Artifact from Sir Pohl Sanbert, with Blessed insignia and runes of Vitae/Vigor. Not quite self sustaining in energy terms, but will last for a pretty long time. Moderately squishy thanks to the Major rune and no "of health" weapon modifier, but not too bad (495HP, 70AL while enchanted). Certainly does a stack of damage. Meteor and Breath of Fire work particularly well - they're nasty when used, but their long-ish recharge ensures he uses Searing Flames as often as possible. Not really happy with Resurrect, Resurrection Signet may be more useful.