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A little Bio...[edit]

Hey everyone, you can call me Lloyd. I'm pretty much a casual guild wars player since I'm in college and is busy with classes and stuff. I bought Guild Wars Prophecies last year and is still having a good time playing it. I'm an active contributor in Guild Wars 2 Wiki(the suggestion page). I'm pretty old school with my inspirations, two of my first RPG games are Final Fantasy Tactics and Legend of the Dragoons. Since I am looking into a career in the video game industry, I often put suggestions for topics like professions. My two contributions were the hard hitting Lancer and the dark and mysterious Chaot Mage. I feel that I'm very passionate in this stuff and hopefully can find the career of my dreams as a game designer.

Of course, the Lancer and Chaot Mage aren't my only classes, I think I'll keep my best ones secret...I probably will make more classes for guild wars 2 professions discussion, but they will never be my best work. For obvious reasons.

Thanks for taking the time to read. :)

NEW---I just added a new class in the GW2 suggestions - professions page, it's called the Disciple, check it out!

Things that annoy me:

  • Immature players
  • Some missions are way too team-oriented.

My Characters[edit]

Lloyd the Marksman (R/N LV20): Born in Ascalon in a humble farming family, Lloyd, currently 19 years old, enjoys exploring and hunting with his pet, a Melandru Stalker. His keen eye and sharp aim let to the name Lloyd the Marksman given by his friends.

Saint Tirance (W/Mo LV20): Born as royalty, Saint Tirance's Uncle was Duke Barradin. He is skilled in the way of the sword since he began training ever since he was young. He is especially skillful in 1 on 1 duels. His mother thought that his birth must have been a miracle since a prophet said that he would die at childbirth. Which is why his mother always called him a Saint.

Felix the Archmage (E/Me LV20): Taught in the elite Nolani Academy in the arts of deadly Fire Magic. He was supposed to join the Flame Scepter Mages but bailed at the last second. Years later, he watches the Charr destroy much of his homeland. He set foot into unknown territories, hoping to gain greater power and skills along the way, determined that, once powerful enough, he will come back and seek vengeance against the Charr.

Nightblade Xaga (A/R LV20): A mercenary turned hero who fights to save Cantha from the ravaging plague. He used to travel with a tamed tiger to help him on his journey.

Osiris Holyscythe (D/A LV20)

Rafael Angelios (P/W)

High Warlock Viroga (N/Mo)

My Builds[edit]

Gladiator's Counter Build (1 on 1 Melee Killer): Griffon's Sweep.jpg Final Thrust.jpg Shield Bash.jpg Riposte.jpg Deadly Riposte.jpg Defensive Stance.jpg Gladiator's Defense.jpg Healing Signet.jpg

Assassin's Toxic Shock Build (PVP): Dancing Daggers.jpg Entangling Asp.jpg Signet of Toxic Shock.jpg Seeping Wound.jpg Repeating Strike.jpg Shadow Refuge.jpg Shroud of Distress.jpg Resurrection Signet.jpg

My Goals[edit]

  • Make my user page fancy like a lot of other members'.
  • Collect as many user boxes as I can.

My Contributions[edit]

I do enjoy making userboxes :) Click on the link below to see the ones I made.[edit]


Fan Fiction Hero's Handbook (Hard Mode).png Master Dungeon Guide.png Turai's Story.png


Suggested Professions

  • Lancer: legendary warriors of the spear that guards the royal family of Cantha ever since the beginning. They have mastered their skills with the spear and lance and can attack with deadly combinations at lightning speeds. Due to their level of power, they were never revealed and have never even been seen by anyone other than the royal family and their servants.
  • Chaot Mage: Even though the Elementalists used the deadly magic of the elements to do their bidding, not all of them chose to follow this method. Some dared to spend time secretly studying the dark magic of Chaos. It was taboo to study such dark magic, since it was related to demonic magic, magic so powerful that it was said to have destroyed the city of Arah. Those who successfully mastered this form of magic because the few and elite Chaot Mages. They inherited the nuking abilities of the Elementalists, gained deadly spells that can summon demonic creatures from the rift, and much more deadly abilities that make them a force to be reckoned with. I have entered this class for the create a profession contest. It's under the link Community Portal. User:PCGamer07/ChaotMage
  • Disciple : The monks who rose above all others were granted the honor of training as a Disciple. Becoming not only mentally but also physically able to defend themselves and others. Their main motto of training is not to attack, not to defend. They were trained in the deadly arts of the quarterstaff, a versatile weapon that can be extremely deadly.

My GW Userboxes[edit]

Male.png This user is Male.
Warrior-tango-icon-200.png This user is a Warrior by nature.
This user is a member of the Kurzick alliance.
User Lensor TyriaMissionIcon.png This user is a Tyrian at heart!
User Lensor gw2.jpg This user plans to buy Guild Wars 2
PvE This user enjoys PvE.
User Lensor TyriaMissionIcon.png This user plays the 1st Guild Wars campaign: Prophecies.
User Lensor CanthaMissionIcon.png This user plays the 2nd Guild Wars campaign: Factions.
User Lensor ElonaMissionIcon.png This user plays the 3rd Guild Wars campaign: Nightfall.
Deadly Riposte.jpg Deadly Riposte is PCGamer07's favorite skill.
Fiery Dragon Sword.jpg The Fiery Dragon Sword is PCGamer07's favorite weapon.
"Dervish Balthazar Avatar" concept art.jpg This user's patron god is Balthazar.
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Renew Life.jpg This user thinks Mhenlo is quite the Pimp.