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General Information[edit]

  • Handle: Kereana Steelblade (Main Character) Known as: Kereana, Angel, Heart, Pure, Sary, sometimes K.
  • Realm: American and Japanese
  • Age: 17
  • Gender: Female.png


I started playing Prophecies around 2005-06. Started playing Factions when the first Dragon Festival was going on I think. I don't remember when I started playing Nightfall, so don't ask me. I became and I still am a regular SJMer. You'll find me in AD1 SJM, a lot. I met my boyfriend online at SJM too. [Warr] is the first guild I ever joined, while my dad was leading it, eventually making me leader and starting up a new Guild of his own. I kept this one going or tried to ever since. I am a proud leader of it, even though it isn't active. I have met a great deal of different types of people. Thoughs who are backstabbers (I won't mention who, and also none of your business) and people who yes became good friends of mine in this virtual world. I'm usually easy going, and very easily angered, and also sarcastic. :) People who E-fight online, I always tend to laugh at them because it makes people sound stupid. I don't want to hear people complaining about HA/HoH, or any other type of PvP. I'm PvE and I prefer it, though I do AB sometimes, rarer now than I use to though. I'm working on a Rainbow Pheonix for my one Ranger and I'm almost there, with my HoM. For friendship, if you like me good for you. If you don't I honestly don't give a shit, just stay away from me than. :D FOR THE LOVE OF GOD WHO EVER TOUCHES IT I WILL KILL YOU! HAVE A NICE DAY! O.o

Goals xD[edit]

  • Getting a Rainbow Pheonix on my Ranger.
  • Getting the Legendary Guardian Title eventually.
  • Survivor Title eventually
  • Perhaps beating Urgoz one of these days.

Guild History![edit]

  • Warriors Of The Sacred Realm [Warr](First guild I ever been in and staying here, so don't try to recruit me!)
  • I left a few other Guilds I've been in when I did leave [Warr], but I came back to [Warr] a lot. It wasn't the same. xD.

Alliance History!?[edit]

  • Tri D [DDD]
  • Seraphs Heaven [HELL] (left later on, idr full story but I came back some where xD)
  • I don't remember Guild name, and i don't care if I ever do. [RAVE]
  • We Live At [SJM]
  • My guild lead, than stopped.
  • Rebels against Wicked Kittens [Rawk]
  • Went back to Seraphs Heaven [HELL] again
  • Went back to Tri D [DDD] again (w/ [HELL], both left later)
  • Seraphs Heaven [HELL] and [Warr] joined together with [HELL] leader, stayed ever since.

Now For Something You All Been Waiting For.... Dun dun dun... xD[edit]


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