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Dwayna costume.png Dwayna's Regalia No   Grenth's Regalia.png Grenth's Regalia No   Disciple of Melandru.png Disciple of Melandru No   Agent of Balthazar.png Agent of Balthazar No
Vision of Lyssa.png Vision of Lyssa No   Augur of Kormir.png Augur of Kormir No   Shining Blade costume.png Shining Blade No   White Mantle costume.png White Mantle No
Raiment of the Lich.png Raiment of the Lich No   Lunatic Court Finery.png Lunatic Court Finery No   Vale Wraith.png Vale Wraith No   Ravenheart Witchwear.png Ravenheart Witchwear No
Wedding Couple Attire.png Wedding Couple Attire No   Formal Attire.png Formal Attire No   Dapper Tuxedo.png Dapper Tuxedo No   Aegis of Unity.png Aegis of Unity No  
Dragonguard.png Dragonguard No  

How to use::

{{User:Tender Wolf/CostumeTemplate
| background = 
| title text =
| title text color = 
| Dwayna = no
| Grenth = no
| Melandru = no
| Balthazar = no
| Lyssa = no
| Kormir = no
| Shining Blade = no
| White Mantle = no
| Raiment of the Lich = no
| Lunatic Court Finery = no
| Vale Wraith = no
| Ravenheart Witchwear = no
| Wedding Couple Attire = no
| Formal Attire = no
| Dapper Tuxedo = no
| Aegis of Unity = no
| Dragonguard = no

Simply replace "no" with "yes" on any that you already have and choose the color for your table and title text, as well as what you want the text to say.


This template is based off Wyn's miniature pet template.