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Tenri/Character Page

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General Information

  • Handle: Ever since playing Diablo 2 i have always used Tenri as character names but it became hard for GW because of needing 2 names
  • Realm: American


The first real Online Rpg I played was probably Diablo II in that my favorite character class was the necromancer not so here in GW I have come to prefer Dervish to any other proffesion and Necromancers are moved to the bottom.

Great things about GW

  • First and foremost no monthly fees
  • Another big point no waiting hours to do something thanks to semi-competent and sometimes better than people Henchies/Heroes
  • Challenging content that requires effort not just godly power
  • Absence of godly power.
  • No cheating to ruin the challenge

Account Titles

Elite Treasure Hunter (5)
Font of Wisdom (5)
Warden of the Kurzicks (8)
Sentinel of the Luxons (5)
Prosperous (4)
Wretched (5)
Companion of the Zaishen (3)

My currents guild is

The Federation Of Heroes[Hero]

This Userpage was inspired by Lensor

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