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User TheCyphero TheCyphero.jpeg
Species Human Male
Profession Student/GW addict
Level(s) 20
Campaign Huge World called "Earth"

About me[edit]

So far Guild Wars is and has been my favorite game. I started playing alittle bit after beta. I have been in many guilds all of which I have been an officer, I have lead I think three guilds, all small, around average amount of people. I am currently in a guild called Kamadan Secret Service {JHAD} a small guild, but as you can tell from the name its a fun guild to be in. Since the holidays we have been doing a bit of HA got to halls a few times but always seem to lose :( but meh its still fun.

Game Play Style[edit]

I'm usually not the first one to step up for a leader possition, but I do step up if no one else does, also in PvP when the "First Ranger Spike" used to be around when the lead spiker died I would allways take over for him/her. I hate losing but I'm not a sore loser either. I am curtious player, I give adivce to those who are in need of it, if they are in my guild or alliance I can help them out with some cash, items, or materials. I don't like it when people call others "noobs" or anything of that nature because everyone at some point was a "newb".

When I'm on my Warrior I like to take charge and run around and just kill, kill, kill, but I know when I'm in over my head. While on my Warrior I just love to "tank" its very nice to see "0's" or "5's" popping up above my head. On my Ranger I look for the highest place to shoot my arrows and do the most damage where it hurts. Just like with my "tank" I also like it when I see warriors, dervishes, and assassins come up to me and just try and hit me while they are flinging around I am interupting their main skills. On my Paragon I take full charge. I start thinking tactical and look for the weakest link in chains, their strongest point and keep moral up. The best leaders think with their minds not with their muscles, even though my Paragon has the power to keep himself up while thinking of others.

Game History[edit]

Guild Wars
Counter-Strike (I sucked at it... Most of the time I was asleep from boredom.)
Call of Duty 4 (Awesome game.)
Star Craft (I used to be within the top 50 in the world when it was popular.)
Half-Life 1&2. ep.1, ep.2
Battlefield 2
Diablo 1&2
Counter-Strike: Source ( A little better than the first. IMO)
C&C (All of them)
Warcraft 1-3'
Ultima Online
UT (All of them.)
Doom (All including the old old old ones.)
WoW (Yes that evil game.)
Star Wars Battlefront 2
Garry's Mod (A very fun game.)
Black & White 1&2

And a whole lot more.... So many I am just getting weak from thinking of how many different games I have played, beat, competed in tournaments, and haven't beat... but need too.

Even though I am 20 I still played old indie style games. I even still have my original atari, nintendo, sega, and all those other old farts.

My favorite game line is 'Zelda'. Those games keep me interested forever.


  • Xfire: thecyphero
  • In-game Name: The Cyphero
  • Email: ask in-game if you REALLY need it
  • Guild: Kamadan Secret Service {JHAD}


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