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About Me[edit]

Quest-medium.png USERBOX ALERT!!!
Ranger-tango-icon-200.png This user is a Ranger by nature.
User Lensor gw2.jpg This user plans to buy Guild Wars 2
User Lensor TyriaMissionIcon.png This user plays the 1st Guild Wars campaign: Prophecies.
User Lensor CanthaMissionIcon.png This user plays the 2nd Guild Wars campaign: Factions.
User Lensor ElonaMissionIcon.png This user plays the 3rd Guild Wars campaign: Nightfall.
43px‎ This user plays the Guild Wars expansion: Eye of the North.
User Nian Grenth.jpg This user is a bloodsworn servant of Grenth.
PvE This user enjoys PvE.
Barrage.jpg Barrage is Goldens's favorite skill.
North America 70x40.png This user plays in the
North American territory.
Technobabble.jpg This user is currently unsure what Anet have been smoking
Male.png This user is Male.
'!' This user is new to Guild Wars Wiki
Luxon.png This user has achieved the title Friend of the Luxons.
Crippling Shot.jpg This user laughs at your attempt to outwit a Ranger.
User Zerpha The Improver uber ugly Err7 Bond replacement.jpg Error 007
From Anet with love.
Guild We Need Therapy Ulgg allies logo.png This user is a proud member of the ULGG Alliance!
HoM-Userbox.jpg I support the suggestions presented by Elviondale regarding the Hall of Monuments.
Simple Thievery.jpg This user shamelessly lifted these userboxes from other users.
Vampiric Touch.jpg This user thinks Touchers are a legitimate build.
!%&* This user hates users who hate userpages with trillions of userboxes!
User minor edit.jpg This user's Minor Edit button is glued to the ground.
User Lou-Saydus Hail Storm.jpg This user wants a good nuke for water magic
Backpack.png This user is a packrat with never enough storage space!
User Nian Melandru.jpg This user trusts in the guidance of Melandru.
Cultist's Fervor.jpg You have dealt 7,800 damage over 5 seconds, for an average of 1560 damage per second. Death occurred in 1 second. Your highest damage in a single second was 2000, done at 1 second.
User Gem harder PvE.png This user wants PvE to be balanced.
User SilentStorm No Ursan.jpg This user hates Ursan.
User Lensor gw2.jpg This user plans to buy Guild Wars 2
This user is a member of the Kurzick alliance.
+ This user Preordered EoTN
(and refuses to call it GWEN).

This use sucks major crap.