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As the title says, these are people I know in the game and not part of The Imaginary Friends guild. These people are my extended family. While all of these images are simple screen captures, they have been slightly augmented using GIMP.

User Wendy Black Jynx.png
Master Jynx and Jynx Lil Hottie
Nice couple who hang out a lot online, maybe more than I do. I met them at one of the parties and have been fast friends since. Jynx likes to joke around and hang out with his girl in Lion's Arch. Jnyx and I don't mind you trolling on us as long as you're keeping it clean and intelligent. Once you go into darker depths for your humor we will place you on the iggy list faster than you can say Dhuum's Soul Reaper.
Lady Edana
She is one of the few DJ's of that remained to host her show from Guild Wars. She performs two or more shows a week giving out prizes for trivia across both Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2. Lady E, as we call her, never fails to show up and entertain us with her mirth, trivia, and music. Look for her to be online Friday and Saturday nights.
User Wendy Black Lady edana.png
User Wendy Black M Lady Necrell.png
M Lady Necrell
An Ascalon (pre-Searing) shop keep, standing here between two fine looking men (Pre Grizzly Adams on the right and Pre Gentle Ben on the left), she is always giving you great deal buying and selling everything from runes to items for Nicholas Sandford. Very kind and generous the lady is good friends with Baron Velspa who remains in Ascalon.
Siva Fish
Is the self proclaimed God of Pre, and loves chatting about anything from song lyrics to cake recipes. You can catch him hanging by the front gate dancing and singing. Seen here with his pet the Eye of Janthir.
User Wendy Black Siva Fish.png
User Wendy Black Tempus.png
Oblitus Tempus
An odd character the Baron assisted in the Northlands. He has what he called an Hourglass Staff and was trying to convince the Baron that time is frozen. He is trying to repair time using his staff, once that occurs, he is unclear what may happen to Ascalon.
Prisoner Zigor
The Red Death Witch recently got an invite to Prisoner Zigor's prison. It turns out he is the only member of a truly elite guild called "Team That Goes Solo". His guild hall located in the Burning Isle and according to him was his prison. A very unique person he takes hot lava baths.
User Wendy Black Prisoner Zigor.png
User Wendy Black Agro Kitty.png
Agro Kitty
A long time friend of The Imaginary Friends, Agro Kitty is not one to be crossed in a fight. Here she takes in the sites and shops at The Kodash Bazaar in Vabbi.
Count Necroula
Better beware, the Count takes no prisoners, and gives no quarter. If you are in a fight with Count Necroula, pray he is on your side.
User Wendy Black Count Necroula.png
User Wendy Black Canthan Trio.png
A Fine Canthan Trio
In this group photo taken by Red Death Witch, starting on the left is Oliver Worthington, Dc Tanks, and Calming Was Astral. This handsome lot was hanging out together in the Sunjiang District. Stay out of trouble boys!
Obstinate Reedemer
This brave warrior has recently assisted Togo and Mhenlo in Vizunah Square and fought the Mursaat in Iron Mines of Moladune. This bold adventurer has returned home after being away in strange lands too long. Welcome back Reedemer.
User Wendy Black Obstinate Reedemer.png
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