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My Background[edit]

<(o.O)> Meep! you found me! Do ignore the clutter on this page.. I seem to be wiki code impared... If only every site could have the same code for everything... IM BACCCCKKKK!!! after all this time! I forgot my password for this wiki, and the forgot password thingy said I didnt have an email registered.. wierd.. ANYWAY! I remembered and now im back!


Monk-icon.png Yakslappin
My main character is Yakslappin midget

He is a male monk with Black 15k luxon chest and feet, with 1k canthan gloves, and 15kurz legs. Hes naturally the shortest hight I could find, and he is my oldest character that I havnt deleted. He has completed every campaign, and hopes to work on his GW:EN titles. His heroes of choice are Livia and Olias!

-- Yakky

Oceana Seacrest
Ranger-icon.png Oceana Seacrest
"You made me break a nail. Of course you know now I'm going to have to slaughter every last one of you."
Sypher Shadowshot
Ranger-icon.png Sypher Shadowshot
The lone wolf of the gang. He does thing his way on his own time. No if ands or buts. He is rather emotionless except when in company of his animal companion, Shadow.

File:Character-Mariala.JPGNecromancer-icon-small.png Mariala Mortiala

File:Character-Howl.JPGAssassin-icon-small.png Howl Hundred tricks
Paragon-icon-small.png Outcast Of Abaddon
File:Character-Tia.JPGRitualist-icon-small.png Tia Dalhma
File:Character-Grawl.JPGElementalist-icon-small.pngThe Obsidian Grawl, The Vabbian GypsyElementalist-icon-small.pngFile:Character-Gypsy.JPG
File:Character-Dance.JPGDervish-icon-small.png Dance Of the Dunes
File:Character-Hat.JPG Mesmer-icon-small.png The Magical Hat

Warrior-icon.png Svanhildr
Svanhildr was the offspring of a norn and a human, once discovered her father was human, her clan exiled her across the sea, where she docked into shing jea. She speant years training in the monestary with fierce determination. Now she seeks to return to her norn homelands and regain the Volfenclaw name.